There is no greater violence than the holocaust of abortion…

… How come you never see these “social justice” nuns chaining themselves to the doors of abortion mills?

Sure, being anti-war is noble and it can be said it’s also pro-life. But I’ll challenge further. End the war in the womb first. How can we begin to rally for peace when we place such little value on human life? As long as abortion is legal human life will continue to decrease in value. When human life is worthless it is much easier to wage war. These “pacifist” nuns confound me. There is no greater violence in the history of mankind than the holocaust of abortion.

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  • Brad

    The progressives seem to miss the point.  If we do not respect the most defenseless among us why should we respect any other life, criminals, other aggrieves nations etc.   Caring about the poor, immigrants and all others begin with respect for the unborn.

  • Fuquay Steve

    You are on a roll today! Well said.

  • Gawd

    Stay the (*&^ out of my vagina.

    • The Catholic Science Geek

      *sigh* Of all the catchy slogans you pro-aborts come up with…why  this one? Sir/Madam, it’s not the vagina that’s the issue here. It’s the baby inside of the UTERUS….not the vagina, the UTERUS. Geesh! And yet, your people still have the gall to question the intelligence of us prolife folk.

      • The Catholic Science Geek

        And don’t you dare bring up the whole “It’s not a baby, it’s an embryo/clump of cells/ fetus/etc” argument… 100% human DNA = 100% human.

        • Gawd

          “Science Geek?”
          What do you call a scientist who is a catholic?
          Not a scientist!

          • sacredrocheter

            What do you call a person who can’t put a sentence together? An idiot.

          • shadowlands

            What about the vagina of a baby girl in the womb ? Is it OK to invade that, as she is cut from the womb? When do females  rights regarding their bodies begin?
            What if she could speak? She might say to the abortionist “Stay the (*&^ out of my life!

          • CJ

            And what is your degree in?

          • Katrina Fernandez
          • The Catholic Science Geek

            Tell that to the father of modern genetics, the father of bacteriology, the first guy who proposed the Big Bang Theory, and most of the people that the moon’s craters are named after.

        • L.

          Straw man alert! 

          • The Catholic Science Geek

            Is it a straw man? Or is it a pre-emptive strike?

          • The Catholic Science Geek


          • L.

            “I will now argue against a point NOT EVEN MADE, because it MIGHT be made” smacks of straw man to me.

      • L.

        Yeah, but you’ve got to mess with the vagina to get to the uterus, one way or another, unless you get all surgical.

    • Molly

      Someone else came up with the “This is my Body” phrase first. And he didn’t proceed to tell humanity what they could or couldn’t do to it because He owned it, He freely gave it up to them, because He loved them. Kind of ironic. (More than kind of).

  • The Catholic Science Geek

    I still hope that within my lifetime, the world will start looking on all of these abortions the same way we now view human sacrifice. It’s about time we start realizing that women deserve better than abortion.

  • Marcosandolini333

    “..There is no greater violence in the history ofmankind than the holocaust of abortion…”

    There is.

    It is Communion in the hand.

    “..Stay the (*&^ out of my vagina. ..”

    You don’t have to worry about us between your stinkin’ thighs.

    Bringing someone there to fornicate/masturbate in you with the preconceived plan of killing a life should it come into conception becomes public domain based on Parens patriae.

    “..Stay the (*&^ out of my vagina. ..”  It is only a vagina when put to proper use; a husband and wife married before an altar in the act of procreating.

    What you have there is commonly known as “Any old port in a storm”.


    • L.

      It is only a vagina when put to proper use” …?

      What does it transform into? 

      That’s a real head-scratcher there.

    • James H, London

      Oh, good grief – it’s a RadTrad non-sequitur! Way to go, contributing to the debate, dude!

  • Katrina Fernandez

    Even I can’t follow all the craziness that’s going on here in the comments and I speak fluent Bat Shit Crazy.  

  • Manny

    Pacifism would have prevented us from stopping Hitler.  It can also be argued that nuclear weapons has limited the scope of war and death.  In fact, it has been frequently argued, and successfully so in my opinion.  All one has to do is look at war casualty, soldier and civilian, prior to nuclear weapons and see the death rate has been greatly reduced.  I know absolutists are going to argue that no inherent evil can lead to a good, but the evidence is otherwise.  Really where people go wrong is in thinking that the weapons are inherently evil, while in fact they are not.  It’s an act that is evil, not an instrument. 

    As to abortion, I completely agree.  There is no positive that can be gained by an abortion, except perhaps when the life of the mother is at stake. 

  • rtechie

    It’s pretty sickening that the people who conducted the Holocaust are accusing others of conducting one.

    Hitler was a practicing Catholic who was endorsed, repeatedly, by the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope, and thousands of priests and bishops. Hundreds of thousands of Catholics participated in and encouraged the Holocaust. The current Pope is himself an ex-Nazi.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Unceremoniously banned for being incurably ignorant of history and besmirching the Holy Father. Be gone. 

  • Marcosandolni333



  • Aswingleh

    You don’t and you never will. They love abortion because it empowers women…in their view. You have seen the pictures of them (LCWR) serving as “safety escorts” into abortion clinics, right? Wish it was hypothetical, but it is all too real. We can tap dance around it if we want to, but the LCWR sisters are radical, leftist, lesbians.

    The Sr. and nun at my Catholic jr high, was LCWR, and, was so violently opposed to Mother Theresa that it was her favorite topic to talk about.

  • drea916

    I never understood how people could be so against the war, but then be for abortion. I’ve heard women say that they’ve got student loans to pay/grad school/no employment and that is why they need an abortion. Ok, you’ve got to get yours. But when others want to get theirs (oil in the middle east/etc) suddenly it’s not ok to be selfish. Let’s be consistent.