When a bullet to the brain is considered an act of “deep love”…

“I’m thoroughly convinced [Paul Wise is] a good man. I think his past history bears that out,” Adamson said. “Forty-five years of marriage, blessed to be deeply in love with his wife throughout those 45 years, and I am absolutely confident that everything that he’s ever done for his wife has been done out of deep love, including the events that just recently transpired.”

What are those recently transpired events that Mr. Adamson, attorney for Paul Wise, is referring to you may ask? What was the grand act of deep love shown to Mr. Wise’s wife of 45 years? Putting a bullet through her head, of course.

It’s unclear yet but the motive appears to be a mercy killing. Reading that a wife is shot in the head by her husband while she’s in the ICU and having it hailed as an act of “deep love” is disturbing enough; however, the comments to the news story are stomach turning. The apparent consensus is that if someone is experiencing suffering than committing murder is a justifiable good.

This is the same reasoning used to advocate the in utero slaughter of infants diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome and the mistreatment and denial of medical treatment for the elderly, disabled and chronically infirmed.

You can argue I am insensitive to the needs and wishes of a dying patient but I know first hand that euthanasia breeds the exact opposite of sensitivity among healthcare professionals. Empathy is learned and euthanasia prevents that learning. This I’ve learned first hand while working as a hospice nurse.

Murder is always wrong.

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  • Joseph Moore

    Here’s hoping that Mr Wise (ironic name, that) gets to spend the rest of his life contemplating his love and kindness in a jail cell. More important, that all of us recognize and repent of  the tendency of our fallen natures to do what we want to do and call it love, no matter how horrible. 

  • sacredrocheter

    I’m speechless. I’m visualizing looking at someone you”love” with their brain all exploded on the wall. I mean -come on people-we all know this is murder. I hope they show the crime scene photos at his trial.

  • http://thehomesickhome.blogspot.jp/ L.

    I pray that I would have the courage to do this for my loved ones someday, or they for me.

    • sacredrocheter

      True courage is living out the life God gave you.

    • Laura

      Courage =/= shooting your wife in the head

    • Patricia

       Shooting someone in the head because you cannot bear what you perceive to be suffering is not courage…rather, it is cowardice.  True courage is the willingness to get out of our comfort zone & lovingly bear the sufferings of another along with them. 

  • Maureen O’Brien

    Spouses promise to love and stand by each other “for better or for worse” and “in sickness and in health.” That doesn’t mean “until you become disgusting and inconvenient to me, or until I decide to treat you like a brute-brained dog instead of an human being and an immortal co-heiress to God’s kingdom.”

    Here’s an idea. Let’s have teachers promise to teach kids, “unless math or socializing are too hard and painful, in which case I’ll club the kids over the heads like baby seals.” Or when Olympians are about to lose their big race, we should just use tranq guns to lethally inject the losers with a poison fast enough that they’ll be able to escape all the post-loss sadness.

    It stinks to watch someone in pain. It’s horrible for them and you. But humans aren’t gerbils.