A Simple Prayer Request…

… Last Friday the cutest little elderly couple came into my office. They had just rented a little place and were moving in that day. I couldn’t help but notice how they treated each other – like giggly love struck teenagers. Turns out they were getting married the next day at their grandsons church and having a small reception at his house. They were positively smitten in love.

On Tuesday the new bride came into my office to give us a copy of her marriage license so we could note the name change on her lease. We chatted about her wedding and she showed me her ring. It’s nice to know at 72 you can still gush and glow over love.

I honestly had not thought of them the rest of the week till yesterday at work we received some sad news. Her husband died Thursday night. I ask you to do two things for them right now…

Pray for the repose of Mr. P’s soul and consolation for his new bride and their family. Then make a daily point of loving your spouse and appreciating every day that God gives you to be with them.

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  • robertgwirth

    Definitely will pray! This is so sad!

  • Nancy

    One of our neighbors just passed away — their love story was like this couple’s. They were both left behind after the death of their first spouses, then miraculously found each other, fell in love, and enjoyed 4 years of marriage. I will remember to pray for this bride when I pray for my neighbor.

  • Christopher Lake

    I will pray. Thank you for letting us know, Kat.

  • L.

    I read this last week, and couldn’t get it out of my head all weekend. The only comfort is that before her loss, they had some real happiness together, and a happy wedding — too brief, but hopefully enough to sustain her through her grief.

  • Mimi

    Memory Eternal.

  • doughboy

    prayers offered.