Dignitas Magazine…

… I wanted to share with you ladies a new online magazine – that’s free! – created to encourage Catholic women; Dignitas Magazine.

“A stroll through the mall or a glance at the magazines in the check-out line will give you a clear idea of what our culture promotes as the ideal image of womanhood. The plunging necklines and disappearing hemlines of clothing in store windows tell you that to be a woman you must expose yourself to the world. Mainstream women’s magazines encourage this message by upholding edgy and provocative women celebrities as images to aspire to. These messages combine with hundreds of others to portray an ideal of womanhood that when tested proves unfulfilling, unattractive, and ultimately untrue.”

“The purpose of Dignitas Magazine is to seek the truth about womanhood as God intended it to be, to encourage Catholic women to authentically live this truth, and to promote it in the world. We look to Sacred Scriptures and the teachings of the Church for our instruction. We strive for authentic holiness by seeking concrete ways to practice virtue. We eagerly look for relevant, winsome ways to promote the goodness of God’s image of womanhood in a world so hungry for the truth. Nourished by prayer and the sacraments and inspired by the example of the saints we joyfully embrace this task – and invite you to join with us!”

It’s really an impressive magazine. Their autumn issue breaks the season by sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. As Catholics we engage our full senses in the celebration of the mass so I found the seasonal breakdown perfectly apt. The recommending reading list is refreshingly free of books from the banal popular best sellers list. Other content includes an article about the Year of Faith, our newly canonized saints, and answering the call to a religious vocation. There’s a dash of politics and current events – because we can’t blather on and on about fashion, shoes, and our children at the time. But what! There’s fashion too!

If the directors every need writers to review beauty products I’m all theirs. That was the only thing I thought was missing. More girly blather, please.

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