For my next trick I will attempt to boil water…

Oh, the stupid things. This morning I apparently forgot how to use a toaster.

And I made my first kill in the new Honda [photo unavailable]; a deranged squirrel who learned jumping out in front of my car is unwise. Recquiscat in pace, little guy.

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  • FuquaySteve

    Your car doesn’t have the peta approved squeaks and squells normally associated with a crescat mobile. Need to get some age on that veeee-hicle. Once that is accomplished, things will revert to normalcy with the animal population able to hear your approach from up to three miles away.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      animal attack stealth mode.

  • Christine Dalessio

    Sounds like a sort of aggressive day – I would say you made your first kill with that toaster :)

  • Barbara Worn

    I just watched a funny video on Laughing Squid called “The Secret of hbo go”-about people sharing passwords so they can watch Game of Thrones. It might brighten your dead squirrel ridden day!