Making Monday More Tolerable…

… Well now, Monday’s almost over. I was going to share with you a perfectly acceptable way to waste time on line but then I got busy at my real job. Real jobs suck. Anyway… Mary Is My Homegirl.

And this picture of Ryan Gosling being all “hey girl” for the Eastern gals.

Source: Eastern Orthodox Ryan Gosling

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  • Cordelia

    WHAAAA-HAA! You caught me totally off-guard, and I laughed enough to *nearly* wake the baby. . .

  • Patricia

    I checked out the Eastern Orthodox “Hey girl” link…hilarious! Unless you are familiar with the Divine Liturgy & the terminology/traditions of the Christian East…most of these might make little sense. Just another reason to “breathe with both lungs – East & West”…so that, at the very least, you can appreciate these “Hey girls”! ;)