Souls in purgatory…

… One of the saddest things I ever heard was at a funeral. Well, yes. Funerals are, by their nature, sad affairs. They are even sadder if the departed or their family aren’t Catholic. They lack that whole “praying for the dead” element.

At my grandmother’s funeral her best friend of sixty years was overheard saying, “We can finally stop praying for her now. She’s in a better place with Jesus and angels and fluffy clouds and kittens and everyone she’s every loved who died before her.” The nativity of her belief that all souls go to heaven is a dangerous one, especially for the protestant souls in purgatory in need of our daily prayer. It would appear they have no one else to pray for them.

I told you; isn’t that an incredibly sad thought?

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    Here’s a sadder one. Some (no longer Catholic) cousins of mine gave their Catholic grandmother a Protestant funeral at Calvary Chapel. I’m filling out her name to be remembered in the Masses for the poor souls in purgatory this month at our parish.

  • Beth

    My most fervent prayer each day is for the poor souls. To this day I remember my dear friend who passed away 7 years ago this month, as well as my uncle, my grandparents and the soul that has no one to pray for him during Mass.

    I found out recently, that no one really has Masses offered at our parish, something our new pastor is trying to change. The previous pastor didn’t even make daily Mass available for requests, and many times the Sunday Masses are offered for the parish (code for no one requested this Mass). While this made it easy to get a Mass said quickly for a family member, it makes me sad that we’ve lost such an important part of our faith.

    • Christine Hebert

      It is almost impossible to have a Mass said at our Parish for the opposite reason: almost every Mass has been offered for someone. The Pastor had to ask people to “consolidate” and have the Mass for a whole family instead of several individual Masses if possible so that there would be Masses available….

  • ?????

    if there is a purgatory what will be the sense of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ when everybody could go to heaven through the prayers of the family members…even hitler could go to heaven if somebody prayed for him.