Where I Become Completely Unhinged…

… What is it about “rent is due on the first of each month and late after the fifth” that is so damn hard to understand?! If it’s November 6th, guess what, your rent is late and you pay a late fee.

Every month it’s the same thing, and the same people. They come strolling in the day after the fifth and act all surprised and indignant when I tell them they need to pay a late fee. They even have the gall to argue with me about it. They pout, swear, and call me names – like mean-y rent lady. They offer endless excuses and try to justify why they think I should waive their late fee.

One girl, of the young entitled generation, said I should waive her late fee because she’s never been late before. Yeah, and? You want me to grant you a favor for doing something you’re supposed to be doing every month, like pay your rent in a timely manner? I wanted to ask her if fulfilling her obligations was such a rare thing that was why she thought she should be awarded this one favor?

I blame the parents. The ones who act like their kid’s best friend and can’t be bothered to set boundaries and enforce them. The parent’s whose “no” means “maybe. well…ok” when pushed by nagging little ingrates. While those parents may make their own lives easier by never having to argue with their spawn, they make the rest of the world totally suck. We are the ones that are tasked with telling the fruit of your womb “no” and listening to the temper tantrums that follows. And believe me, that shit ain’t cute coming from a twenty year old. Not that it’s cute coming from a three year old either but at least you can distract a three year old with candy.

If you borrow clothes from your kid’s closet and listen to the same music as they do and actually say “lullz” and text using emoticons and think your kid is your best friend I am talking to you. Get some grown up friends and tell your little bastards “NO” from time to time. And actually mean it.

You are personally responsible for ruining the future. Yours are the kids that grow up and vote for any politician that promise them free cell phones and birth control pills and college loan forgiveness, mortgage forgiveness, and unicorns that shit gold bricks.

Now, where’s the Tylenol?

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