Whoever said the country is peaceful and quiet lied…

… The animals are acting crazy. I think they sense an imbalance in the force. The dark side is growing in strength. Oh, wait. That was probably racist.

Anyway, the coyotes are getting braver. They howled and yipped all night in my back yard. Talk about creepy. And it would appear I have a lady bug infestation. And this morning a raccoon tried to throw itself in front of my riding lawnmower. And I bird flew into my kitchen window. Just a few days ago I deer tried to kill me while I took out the trash. Nature is very unsettling and I think it wants me dead.

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  • Pedro Erik

    Well George Weigel, James Schall and Phil Lawler explained:


  • http://www.facebook.com/roberto.d.fernandez.31 Roberto Dianel Fernandez

    Lady bugs hibernate this time of year. You can find them all around the outside nooks and cranies trying to keep warm. Coyotes in your yard –hmm— you may need to go to a medicine man to find out what that means. When a racoon jumps in front of your lawn mower, he’s probably wanting to commit suicide. Can you blame him. The bird crashing into your window— suicide. Oh. and the deer attack, that was from me. I know Caribou in high places. Dad

  • http://www.facebook.com/andychrismartin Christie Martin

    Ladybugs will do a group frenzy thingie in the late Fall. I’d say, “Enjoy the show!” but it might be mating related and that would sound creepy and weird. Coyotes in the yard are hungry. All the prey are going underground. At any rate, whatever the cause, I’m sure it’s safe to say you can blame Bush.

  • Jean Pergande

    It might be time to say an extra prayer to St. Francis although a wolf might come calling.

  • susan

    your little hiatus/rest did you good….you’re funnier than ever.

    and btw…if your ‘lady bugs’ are orange background’d instead of red, they aren’t innocuous lady bugs….they’re some kind of an asian beetle that actually nests in the walls and causes termite-like damage. you might wanna catch one of them and have it identified.

  • kc

    My dear Kat, animals aside, you are correct. The dark is rising. Those in denial, bless them, remind me of Austria hoping that Benito Mussolini would protect them from the Germans.Yep. And the Pill is going to usher in a new era of womanly freedom.

    If only I were wrong. That would be a pill I’d gladly swallow. But I’m an educated, history-savvy female who knows darn well the war on women was launched, lauded and carried out by liberals. (And abetted by sell-outs on both sides of the political persuasion.)

    You are spot-on about being unequally yoked. I think liberal men are rarely, if ever, manly. Blech. Give them to the liberals. Go in peace. Shake the dust off. Assuming you could land one of those men… for a time… who would want one?

    Conversely, men who have been brainwashed… wake up! If you want a family and loving wife and a successful, happy marriage… do not yoke yourself with a liberal woman. You don’t have boobs; you can’t nurture babies the same way. Be very afraid of women who tell you otherwise, esp. if she holds the financial reigns. You risk losing your children to either an abortion clinic or “her happiness.” I’ve seen it go both ways.