I don’t know how they do it…

… After mass this morning, Father made announcements indicating when mass times were for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Whew. Priests work hard, y’all. Four masses Christmas Day and three masses Christmas Eve. I guess it’s not all fine wine and exotic cruises. It really is a good thing we keep the party going during Christmastide or our priests may never have the chance to put their feet up and drink some eggnog.

In case you ever took your priests for granted, it is their tireless energy that gives Catholics like me the ability to sleep in and attend the most convenient mass time to my own schedule.

So thank you priests, and deacons too, for helping us celebrate this holy time of the year. Thank you for sacrificing your own revelries and time with your families to serve your parish. Thank you for tirelessly celebrating the mass everyday and making yourself available for hearing hours and hours of confessions as people try to squeeze in that one last reconciliation before Christmas.

And altar boys… thank you!

I know, young men, there are countless things you’d rather be doing than serving mass Saturday evening only to turn around and serve again the following morning. But know that the congregation and the priest are grateful for your service. And moms of altar boys, kudos to you too. I know firsthand that sometimes obedience is hard fought and many times you’re hauling around a grumpy child to mass. Please except this hearty “thank you” for not giving in to your kid’s ceaseless whines and pleas to not have to serve… just this once, Please. I’ll do anything. I’ll serve every Sunday next month just to stay home today. Pleeeeeeease.

Merry Christmas, y’all. Merry Christmas, Padres. Merry Christmas Deacons, and servers and all those people who volunteer their time and energies to the Church so the rest of us can enjoy the fruits of their labor. And don’t forget to pray for your parish priest. Those men really do need it.

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