Put A Pope On It …

… You know how an establishment identifies itself as “hipster friendly”… they put a bird on it. The practice was popularized by the show Portlandia.

Hipster 1: Oh my god, I LOVE your tote bag, where did you get it?
Hipster 2: Oh this thing? I just bought it for $75 at Brooklyn Flea but it was so boring until I put a bird on it!
Hipster 1: You should sell it on Etsy!

You’ll see them here in Charlotte and Asheville; hipster clothing and “thrift” stores with a bird decal in the store shop window. The phrase “put a bird on it” came about from all the re-cycled [read junk] crap that’s peddled on etsy as home-made and “artsy”. Wanna sell your junk as “trendy” at exorbitant pricey? Put a bird on it.

Could the same thing be said for Catholics. Wanna hawk your wares to Catholic hipsters? Put a pope on it.

Wanna hawk your wares to traddie Catholic hipsters? Put a stole on it.

Leaflet Missal posted this image on their facebook page as an item listed for sale. Clearly photoshopped, and poorly done at that. The stole was added to this image.

To be fair to Leaflet Missal said they were unsure of whether the image was photoshopped or not because it was supplied by an unnamed vendor. So that makes it OK to sell, I guess.

Oh, oh… and if your market is the pious hipster put a Papal blessing on it.

Yeah. And that crap about Pope Francis’s comment regarding the carnival being over… never happened. I’m shocked. Something I read online was a falsehood?!

Francis’ first days as Pope were marked by a heavy focus on the differences between him and his predecessor. It is true that Bergoglio’s mission is characterised by a simple style, continuously breaking rigid protocol, as Wojtyla had done since the start of his pontificate. But urban myths started to circulate within the first few hours of his papacy. According to one of these rumours, straight after his election, Francis apparently refused to wear the red velvet mozzetta trimmed with (synthetic) ermine, saying to the Master of Papal Ceremonies, Guido Marini: “You can wear it! The carnival’s over.” A rude and boorish comment to make to the Master of Ceremonies. As far as Vatican Insider has learnt, said comment was never made. As Marini placed the mozzetta on Francis, the Pope simply said: “I would prefer you didn’t.” No reference was made the carnival and no humiliating comment was made against the Master of Ceremonies.

Wanna sell a news story to a Catholic quick to believe the worst. Put a pope on it. With a pope on it anything can be sold.

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  • tj.nelson

    I knew the carnival is over comment was a lie! Just like the Cardinal Law snub.
    I blame Amorth.

  • Victor Savard

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
    Sorry about that.

    For the reacord! The upper is what I got went I clicked on “Put a bird on “IT”

    I hear Ya! By any chance, are you a Canadian NOW?

    Go Figure! :)


  • Ishmael_Alighieri

    If you like it then you should have put a pope on it.

    Couldn’t resist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000574231766 Janet O’Connor

    I hate to have to keep reminding people about this but the use of the Pope (his image his voice even his writings have been forbidden by the Holy See for the last several years and this includes pasts Popes as well as the present one. IT IS NOT ALLOWED because it violates the great dignity of the Person of the Pope and the Papacy in general. This has been already stressed by the Vatican 2 times now.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      I hadn’t heard this. Do you have a link or citation source? Thanks.

      • Sara Hicks

        I have never heard this…did you find out anything more about it? Hilariously when I google, the only thing remotely like what Janet is suggesting is Janet’s comment above.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000574231766 Janet O’Connor

    I first heard this on the Rome Reports news and video site on two different times. The first was in December 2009 after John Paul II and Pius XII were declared Venerable(The middle of December 14th or there about). Then again on Rome Reports in late March 2011 (around March 31) the same thing. I will admit that besides that news source I have not seen or heard about that anywhere else so maybe it is not true. Sometimes Rome Reports does not get their facts straight because at John Paul’s beatification there was PLENTY of things sold with his image on it anyway.