Shameless Begging, Such is a Mother’s Love…

UPDATED: 3/25/13 @ 11:21 a.m.

I have met my goal! You can stop donating now!

I was able to share the exciting news with The Boy this morning that he is indeed going to camp. And first thing this morning I got in touch with the pack leader and let him know. You should have seen him, my son not the pack leader, all excited and jumping around. You guys made that possible. For that you have my sincerest most heartfelt thanks for your generosity. I am completely overwhelmed by the outpouring. I have the kindest most supportive friends and readers. You guys…


… So there’s this summer camp my son really wants to go to and I’d like for him to be able to go to as well. I have such fond memories of my own summers at camp; horse back riding, poison ivy, activities on the lake, chiggers, the bad food, the stories by the camp fire, the mosquitoes, getting lost in the woods, the lack of air conditioning and the suffocating heat. Ah… summer camp. It’s a wonderful misery that every kid should have the joy of experiencing.

This particular camp is an all boy’s camp too. I went to a co-ed camp and the girls spent all week trying to get the boys to notice them. Annoying. All I wanted to do was ride horses. We did have separate cabins; however, the presence of boys was still a major distraction.

No, an all boys camp is just want young men need. I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to cultivate these girls free zones in my son’s life because his father has chosen not to be a part of his; altar serving, boy scouts, and little league [which I just found out let's girls play - ugh - another post perhaps]. These girl free zones give him the chance to explore his boyhood and have positive male role models in his life. As a single mom, I am under no disillusion that I can replace the absence of a father. I don’t even try.

Anyway, back to this camp thing; this uber expensive all boys camp. There are two I am actually considering, only because the Boy Scout camp is filling up fast and I may need a back up plan. My son’s scout pack is going to Camp Raven Knob this summer. They do this every year. Once a boy becomes a Webelo he is officially old enough for the week long sleep away camp. The camp gives them special outdoor training and chances to earn badges they need to cross over from Cub Scout to Boy Scout. I think they earn some high ranking swim badges they need for later on when they are Boy Scouts too. Our pack does several camping trips a year and we’ve missed them all these past two years because camping gear is outrageously expensive. But I would really like the chance to send my son to summer camp.

So here is where I appeal to you, readers. The camp is $350 and he’d need some gear to take with him as well. I only break out my tip jar on rarest of rare occasions, because well, I don’t enjoy blegging, which essentially this is, but I love my son and would do anything for him. Even if that everything means swallowing my pride and asking for donations.

Such is a mother’s love. If you can find it in your charity to donate even a dollar it’s one less dollar I have to worry about coming up with. Every dollar helps. And it’s for a really good cause. At least I think my son is really good cause. You would be helping a young man have boyhood experiences that will aid his development into a manhood. Think of it as a societal investment or do it because you have your own fond camp memories. I won’t say for you to donate simply because you like me because I know for some that might be a stretch. Whatever your reason, I simply ask for your help.

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And if you can’t make a donation please offer your prayers for all single parents and their emotional and financial troubles. Maybe pray a decade for single parents. I think that would be nice.

That is all. Thank you, kind readers.

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  • Michael Lindner

    Sign him up for Boy Scout camp ASAP! It will all work out, and the experience will be vastly better than the uber expensive camp. What gear do you need? I may have extras, having had several boys in scouting. Likewise I can help you plan the preparations and packing.

  • GeekLady

    What kind of gear will he need? Do you have an REI nearby-ish? We don’t have much cash right now, but our annual dividend ought to be showing up this month, and I’m more than happy for you and your son to have it.

  • Michael O’Keefe

    I hope you get a lot of donations. I can’t right now, but will when I can. I worked for the Scouts, and I can tell you these programs are vital for young men who have no dads. I am offering a prayer for you now.

  • Nishantha Dominic Cooray

    All the best Katherine! Sent something small your way. I hope your son makes it to the camp!

  • Teaching MyTwo

    Yes! Sign up for scout camp ASAP – “boy camp” – good. Scout Camp – BEST!

  • Christine Hebert

    When my oldest son was a Boy Scout there were “camperships” available. Have you looked into that? It would at lest defray the cost of camp. My youngest son will be attending Montfort camp for his third year this year. It is extremely reasonable as far as summer camp goes, and he is raising the fee ($200) by walking my neighbor’s dog. I wish I could offer more than lame advice, but alas, our coffers are spewing moths at this point.

  • Ann Walsh Featsent

    Folks, Kat is a smart woman. She has tried all the options of applying for aid, borrowing equipment, fundraising, etc. before humbling herself and asking for our help. She needs some assistance. Everyone should take that money they’re not spending on girl scout cookies because of their ties to Planned Parenthood and use it to send this scout to camp. I am a parent of a former scout who went to camp every year. Even the bare essentials add up. You know how you meant to do something for lent and never got around to it? Now’s your chance. Hit the donate button.

    • Barbara Worn

      Extremely well put.

  • Barbara Worn

    Hi Kat-thank you so much for letting me join in a tiny bit of your wonderful boy’s camp experience by donating. I was not blessed with children and this is a real treat for me! God bless you and The Boy