Five Favorite Things…

… What? Don’t judge. I like girly blather. In fact girly blather is one of my favorite things.

1 – Girly Blather

I like pretty frocks, Downton Abbey, hirsute men who smoke pipes and have Scottish accents, and shoes. Ooooo, I love shoes. I like retro hairstyles and black eyeliner. And I love pinterest. In fact, I have a regular feature where I blubber on and on about some makeup product or the time I got my hair stuck in the typewriter at work. And other silly girlish prattle. I am a girl after all and this is my blog, so deal with it.

Speaking of girly blather…

2 – Super Black Handmade Lacquers

Did you know Natalie Dee is making nail polish now? No, seriously. She is. And it my favorite thing. I especially love the holographic nail colors. The glitter is little too pole dancer for my taste. The holographic strikes a nice balance and it’s subtle enough to wear to work. I love the top coat because you can add a coat to any nail color you already own and give it some oomph.

3 – The Swiss Guard

Because, my word… molto bello.

4 – Embarrassing My Child At Sporting Events

You know what is the most fun you can have on a Saturday morning? Yelling “Mommy loves you, baby! You hit that ball!” in the middle of your kid’s Little League game as your son goes up to bat. Bat shit crazy mom, FTW.

5 – Lazy Dinners

My new favorite mommy’s-too-tired-to-cook dinner is bean burritos and nachos. It beats cereal for dinner hands down. And my son will actually eats this. I just cook some plain white rice in one pot and in the other cook a can of black beans. Then I warm up the tortillas in the microwave. Add a little shredded cheese, tomatoes and guacamole, wrap it all up and voilà… no effort bean burritos.

Throw some nachos in a bowl and get a little dish of salsa and enjoy. I recommend a glass of Sangria with dinner, except for the kids. Give them something else to drink, obviously. Or not. Pretend you’re being European for the evening. Also, Sangria has fruit in it so technically you’re adding another food group to the meal. Yay! Nutrition.

Sangria recipes you should have committed to memory.

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