Hiss. Spit. Growl…

… This is why I hate going to the movies. No scratch that. This is why I hate going out and having to deal with the general public. It’s like no one gives a damn any more. Has everyone completely quit trying to be civil or have manners?

And who brings a squalling infant to a PG-13 movie? A noisy shoot-em-up PG-13 movie with lots of loud and startling noises? And the teenage girl beside me in the theater checked her freaking phone every 15 secs. Do you know how bright and utterly distracting that is in a pitch black theater to have those things light up? And what in the blazing hell was wrong with her mom for not telling her to put the damn thing up?!

And I don’t care how easy on the eyes Robert Downey Jr. is. That movie sucked. For my troubles Gwyneth Paltrow could have at least did us all a favor and died at the end. I mean, honestly. No manners anywhere anymore. Hmph.

Now Contagion, that was a great movie… right from the start.

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  • Christian LeBlanc

    My family goes to the movies. I stay home.

  • http://profiles.google.com/christinehebert65 Christine Hebert

    I agree about the manners, but disagree about the movie. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

    • Charles

      I agree that going to any public venue, movie or ballet, is an ordeal beyond its potential worth. And manners count.
      So I won’t say anything about your lack of a spoiler alert being a bullshit move lacking in all manners and inappropriate in this age where “spoiler alert” is a commonly observed protocol. Disappointed. And if you don’t give two, neither do I.

  • Mac McLernon

    Ummm… What movie was it???

  • kirthigdon

    I go to a movie in the theaters about once or twice a month and have not experienced any of these problems with the audience. On the other hand, I avoid like the plague movies such as the iron man series or other movies based on comic books.
    Kirt Higdon

  • dabhidh

    Yeah, I can relate – when I saw The Avengers in the theater I was seated a few seats away from a woman who had at least three very young children with her, and they literally screamed throughout the movie. When the Hulk appear I thought one of them was going to pass out. It was just too intense a movie for little kids. Fortunately for me (if not for them) the movie was so dad-blamed loud that it hardly mattered. I’m not one of these keep-kids-out-of-public people but in my opinion it’s just cruel to subject little kids to bright, loud, frenetic action movies with scary monsters and treacherous situations. If you can’t get a baby-sitter, just wait six months for the DVD and watch it when they’re in bed. That’s what I do for all but maybe one movie a year anyway.

  • Sarah

    Mm… Thanks for the spoiler.