Hiss. Spit. Growl…

… This is why I hate going to the movies. No scratch that. This is why I hate going out and having to deal with the general public. It’s like no one gives a damn any more. Has everyone completely quit trying to be civil or have manners?

And who brings a squalling infant to a PG-13 movie? A noisy shoot-em-up PG-13 movie with lots of loud and startling noises? And the teenage girl beside me in the theater checked her freaking phone every 15 secs. Do you know how bright and utterly distracting that is in a pitch black theater to have those things light up? And what in the blazing hell was wrong with her mom for not telling her to put the damn thing up?!

And I don’t care how easy on the eyes Robert Downey Jr. is. That movie sucked. For my troubles Gwyneth Paltrow could have at least did us all a favor and died at the end. I mean, honestly. No manners anywhere anymore. Hmph.

Now Contagion, that was a great movie… right from the start.

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