Glad It’s Him And Not Me…

… I don’t mind camping. I actually enjoy it. I enjoy it more so in an air conditioned RV with running water and comfy beds. I’m the girl that packs lip gloss and eye liner in her backpack. I love being outdoors, I just like to look fabulous while being out there… you know, in case I get lost and need to be rescued by that handsome and totally single forest ranger or airlifted out [which is more likely due to my chronic and debilitating clumsiness] by the equally handsome and available paramedic.

No, I am more a “glamping” kind of gal. So you can imagine my relief when my son finally crossed over in the Boy Scouts and gets to camp without me. Just him, his troop leaders, and 18 smelly boys in the humid North Carolina summer heat, doing things that boys do when they are alone together in the woods free from the watchful eyes of their cautious mothers. He actually asked me why he had to pack a toothbrush and bring toilet paper.

< shudder >

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  • Heloise1

    I’m with you. I no longer camp out. Our family camping trips were limited to the length of time I could go without sleep. Long long nights sitting by a dying fire waiting desperately for dawn.
    Now, I merely quote Ron White, “I wouldn’t camp out for 5 days… if I were camping. “

  • Evelyn

    I just sent my kid to camp and had to clue him in that people will think he’s weird if he doesn’t shower and change clothes every day. Sigh. I’m far from glamorous, but the world of early-teen-boy-grody blows me away.

  • Manny

    LOL, too funny. But I would caution you on using this type of wording these days: “you can imagine my relief when my son finally crossed over in the Boy Scouts.” These days crossed over in the boy scout context can have a different meaning than the ordinary meaning. :-P