The War On Boys and Anti-Gun Hysteria …

… Forget the contrived “war on girls”, I’ve been saying there is a war on boys before it was cool. My impending, and always accurate, sense of doom began exactly ten years ago with the birth of my son. From the very first play date where all the moms repeated to their toddler sons, “Don’t hit. We don’t use our hands for hitting”. The “happy hands” philosophy later evolved into restricting their sons from playing with guns and toy weapons.

Here’s the thing… a little boy can turn anything into a weapon. A stick is a sword. Break the stick and it becomes a gun. The same can be said for plain old building blocks. Pretty much anything. If he can hold it, it’s a gun.

I’ve seen my son turn sweet and snugly stuffed animals into grenades and cannonballs of death launched across the living room. The floor is always lava and if you roll out of the hammock you get eaten alive by a swarm of circling sharks. Peril and bloodshed lurk everywhere. That’s just how the mind of a boy works.

What do you suppose happens when you stifle these natural tendencies? All this anti-gun hysteria is causing a rise in school shootings. Yes, I said causing. Kids needs to work through their behavior, test the boundaries, and that’s how they learn what is socially acceptable. Deny them that outlet and BAM… recipe for pathological behavior.

Also we need to dispel this myth that things are evil and not actions. What we’ve instilled in kids is a disconnect from their actions and those action’s direct consequences. It’s like that anecdote you hear where a man, as a young boy, shoots a squirrel with his BB gun and becomes so horrified he vows never to touch a gun again. The gun isn’t the problem, pointing it at small animals is.

You know what else sets my teeth on edge? Reading about innocent little boys, 5 and 6 years old, being ostracized and suspended from school for doing what they are naturally wired to do. As far as I am concerned this blatant intolerance and reverse sexism is terrorizing our male children. It’s child abuse under the guise of political correctness. A perfect example of this terror can be found here, where a five year old is interrogated for two hours and becomes so frightened he wets his pants.

Simply put, any teacher or school administrator that doesn’t understand how little boys work doesn’t deserve to be working with children. Instead of admonishing children for chewing pop tarts in the shape of a gun, we fire every single teacher and principal who takes leaves of their damn senses. Lose your common sense, lose your job.

There, I fixed it.

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It’s news stories like this that make me mourn the loss of common sense and compassion.

Both children were kindergartners – five and six-year olds. If you’re at all familiar with children that young, you know that they are still very shaky on the concept of actions having consequences. They’re not evil. They’re not terrorists. They’re little kids who have new toys that they want to show their friends. They’re little kids who jam things in their pockets and then forget about them. They do not go around premeditating ways to stick it to the man and strike fear in the hearts of their peers by bringing Lego guns on the bus. But to witness the hysterical responses of school officials, you would think these were hardened criminals who are a clear danger to society.

… I think these zero-tolerance rules are actually exacerbating the problem.

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  • Heloise1

    I so agree. The schools are almost as bad as the IRS. Tyranny comes in many forms. But torturing our children should be the final straw.

  • hotboogers

    Preach it!

  • TheodoreSeeber

    We have more a reported rise in school shootings than an actual rise- used to be a local problem, handled locally, never national news, until Kip Kinkel.

    My wife is a “never buy our son a gun” type- but he got one for his birthday this year- and I’m teaching him to shoot responsibly (it’s only a nerf sniper rifle anyway- single shot and real bolt action, just like Daddy’s hunting rifle that he hasn’t shot since he was 13).

    • TexasOlTimer

      When I was in college – back in the early ’60s – it was a small school. Guns were allowed on campus and frequently rifles could be found in the dorm rooms that were used on the weekends to go hunting. On the last day of classes before Christmas break, a student on the second floor of his dorm pointed his (he thought unloaded) rifle down at a group of boys leaving the cafeteria just below his room and pulled the trigger. Those of us that saw the student fall assumed he had slipped on the ice but wondered why he didn’t get up or the others didn’t help him. Later we learned he had been shot.

      What happened after? There was no counselor to ‘help us over the trama’. The student was removed from school and law enforcement handled it. I still don’t know the result of what happened to him. There was only a small item in the paper about the accidental shooting of a student. We left for home later that day and only talked about it among ourselves for a few days after our return – mostly the stupidity of the student for not following common sense and checking to be sure it was unloaded (our first rule). There was still a stain on the sidewalk outside the cafeteria and for a while we used the other door.

      Today it would have been on the national news with a huge uproar about getting guns off campus. It was a tragic accident and was treated as such.

  • kenofken

    If fantasy gun play is the only way to prevent boys from becoming mass murderers, why is is we don’t see slaughters like this among the Amish, or Quakers? On what basis can we even say that American kids are being systematically denied the opportunity to play-act shooting games? Yes, there’s a certain hysteria about it within schools. We used to routinely bring cap guns to school, not so very long ago, and these days, that would get a full tactical response and probably a stint in Guantanamo.

    On the other hand, today’s kids have access to airsoft and paintball gear that is far more realistic than anything we ever had. These kids don’t need to improvise with pop-tarts or tree branches or crudely molded replicas. They have stuff that looks and handles and shoots almost exactly like the stuff used by Team Six or any SWAT team. The real gun culture is, in my estimation, much more active and vibrant than it was in the early and mid 1980s. American kids are more likely to grow up with guns in the home than almost anyplace on Earth.

    When we look at school shooters as a group, it’s clear they had a LOT of problems. It’s not at all clear to me that a primary, or even minor cause of their issues was denial of boyhood gun fantasies by overbearing anti-gun feminists. Adam Lanza certainly wasn’t raised by some PC anti-gunner.

    • tedseeber

      Adjusted for technology- since when do Amish and Quaker boys *not* go through a stage rejecting the non-violent tendencies of their parents?

    • garysvent

      “If fantasy gun play is the only way to prevent boys from becoming mass murderers, why is is we don’t see slaughters like this among the Amish, or Quakers?”

      Because they were diligently taught many other good things to go along with the anti-gun teachings you imply. But in a government school, just talking about God, Jesus, the source of good moral behavior, is tantamount to chewing your History textbook into the image of charles manson, and then using the 3D printer in the overpaid IT dept to print out a gun to blow away the principal.

      In the past, nearly every boy behaved like the writer described; not every boy became a mass murderer. So obviously, the play at 5 or 6 or 7 did not lead to a genesis into psychopathology. Something else at work here, like no guidance, apathetic parents, no religious training. Lack, in other words, of attention from people who should be nurturers of masculinity instead of shills for feminism.

      • TexasOlTimer

        Well said! In addition, in the schools the kids are not taught rules matter, personal responsibility nor cause and effect – it’s simply, you really didn’t fail even though you gave different answers to the questions (can’t say they were wrong), so we’ll pass you anyway. It’s the ‘can’t hurt the fragile ego of the child’ syndrome or make anyone feel bad or hurt anyone’s feelings ideas of the liberals that have run things off the rails.

    • skuzzpuppe

      The reason you don’t see this in Amish and Quakers is two fold. One they are a closed group that does not depend on public school and therefore does not have to teach the mandated curriculum. They are a pure private school system. Second is they teach morality and behavior based off a “Christian” mindset that teaches right and wrong. It teaches ethics. The public school system now teaches tolerance for everything but Christianity and ethics/morality is relative to the individual. Remove the christian morality and replace it with humanistic relativism and you get what you have now in the public school system.

    • mtman2

      Amish are avid hunters + sportsman. The children grow up with firearms + archery as a great past time to put food on the family table.

  • Roadkill Rhapsody

    It does seem inconsistent to ban young boys from imaginary battles with often-imaginary guns on the grounds that this trains the child’s mind badly, and then to defend the existence of violent video games for teenage boys – which involve enjoying images of the bloodiest possible killings – on the grounds that said games don’t train the minds of their players, and that a ban constitutes an infringement upon freedom of speech. We believe in cause-and-effect with children, but not with teenagers…? Yet often I find that persons opposed to toy guns are also opposed to bans on video games. It’s weird.

    • Biff Sarin

      I had never really considered that particular hypocrisy. Well Said.

  • Biff Sarin

    I get the idea of zero tolerance for guns in schools…REAL guns that is. What we have right now is zero tolerance for the IDEA of a gun in school where any sort of representation or surrogate for a gun is punished likewise. That my friends is literally thought control.

    • TexasOlTimer

      Back in the ol’ days when I went to school, kids drove their pickups to school with a rifle in rack which could easily be seen through the windows. No problem – never stolen – and a lot frequently went hunting after school. There were no school shootings and no one thought anything about it. I do have to admit that morals and the way kids were taught in school were a lot different than today.

      Today a ZERO tolerance for anything does away with common sense but then common sense in general has been lost. NO DRUGS! The honor student who forgot there was an aspirin in her backpack is suspended. NO GUNS! The kid that ate his pop tart into the perceived shape of a gun is suspended! SEX – oh, that’s fine and we’re going to teach you in kindergarten and give you free condoms and won’t tell your parents.

      • Biff Sarin

        To your point: NO GUNS! The N.C. Eagle scout who was arrested a month ago because he went skeet shooting on Sunday and Monday morning realized in the school parking lot that he had forgotten to remove his shotgun from his truck. He went to the office (because they don’t allow cell phones in school) to call his mother and have her come get the gun. an office worker overheard the conversation, reported him and called the police. He is now facing a felony conviction and a one year suspension just shy of his graduation for an honest mistake which he was trying to correct.

        • TexasOlTimer

          The ZERO tolerance has gone too far – Shortly after Sandy Hook, a young child on a school bus that’s got a dad that’s a Navy vet and he wants to be a SEAL said to another young child that he’d like to have a gun to go after the bad guys was turned in by the bus driver, questioned by the principle and a deputy without parents being notified, suspended for 10 days, then the deputy told the dad he had to search his home for guns and the family had to fill out an intrusive 4-page questionaire before the boy could go back to school. The dad refused the search without a warrant and, after talking to the deputy’s supervisor was told there would be no search. As this happened on the last day before Christmas vacation, the suspension was left at just that day but parents were told it warranted the full 10-day suspension.

          When you can’t say the word nor try to right something that inadvertently happened against the school rules (however wrong-headed they are), our whole system is completely bone-headed.

  • Daniel Schwartz

    Here’s a question. There seems to be a near-universal unstated assumption, among American public primary-school teachers, that Guns Are Bad, and that we should teach children not to think about guns, let alone play with anything that looks remotely like one. I believe there is also a near-universal unstated assumption, that we must entrust our safety to the police, who, of course, have guns. Combine those two assumptions, and you’ll wind up with a generation of police officers who are issued guns and are scared to death of them. Is that really what we want?

    As someone or other once said: teenage pregnancy is a problem in America, and the solution, obviously, is to educate teens about the dangers, give kids free condoms, and make abortion universally available to them. Gun violence is also a problem in America, and the solution, obviously, is to NOT educate kids about guns, glorify people who are proud of not knowing anything about guns, and stigmatize children for even bringing up the subject. Does that make sense to you?

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      Would reply but the moderators would Jump me from behind!

  • commanderus

    That could also explain the explosion of homosexuality that seems to be occurring. If you try to stiffle one area of behavior, it may affect others and cause a complete role confussion for sexual behavior, as well as social behavior.

  • David J. Stuehr

    I am still wonderin’ who decided to turn our schools over to lunatic liberals, socialists, effete, lard-ass eunuchs and union goons. and why would anyone expect this collection of degenerates and self-interested misfits to have common sense??

  • Oldshooter

    The “Zero Tolerance” policies of our public schools today differ from the past in that they have absolutely NOTHING to do with enhancing school safety. There was always “zero tolerance” for bringing a loaded gun to school, even back when I was in high school in the early 1960s (and I was on the school’s rifle team!), but it would never be applied to a toy gun, because toys obviously don’t impact school safety. Modern policies have to do entirely with brainwashing our children to see all guns as always bad, and never even thinking about them in any positive way. That’s why it is unacceptable even to play with a toy gun. And if the schools could stop kids from playing with toy guns at home they would. There is no other explanation for punishing a student who simply draws a picture of a gun, or who brings a toy gun (even one only an inch long, from a GI Joe doll) to school. No one has ever thought such a toy gun could pose any danger to the school or its students. That’s too absurd even for today’s educators! At my daughter’s middle school, “Omar Bradley Middle School,’ which is named for a famous WWII general, they have wall murals (old WWII photos of the general) that have been carefully cropped so that the sidearm he always wore is not visible. The general is always shown as if he were unarmed, even in combat area photos! Why? The only explanation is that the school refuses to countenance even considering any positive image of any gun. This is not about school safety anymore folks, now it is all about brainwashing our kids.

  • Modern Comments

    Lose your common sense, lose your job.

    The kind of zero tolerance I can get behind.

    All of this is meant to instill an irrational fear of guns and, therefore, make it easier to pass gun control legislation. A kid who has been punished harshly for making a Pop Tart into the shape of gun isn’t likely to grow up to be a Second Amendment advocate.

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    God help any teacher, principle or School board member who would ever go after one of my kids for the crap some of the idiots go after them for now days! You can bet there would quickly be a shortage of those people, and you can sure bet it would be planned very carefully and maybe over a longer period of time than most people would think about!
    I and Thousands of others grew up playing with toy guns, BB Guns, Home Made Bow and Arrows, Sling Shots and Toy Solders, Cow Boys and Indians, Cops and Robbers and lived into our Seventies and never hurt or killed anyone nor ever arrested. The only thing wrong today with any of the above is the thought processes of many of the Idiots we let into our school children’s schools and classes. And some how those idiots seem to think nothing is wrong with teaching children that there is either no god or that God and all his teachings are wrong and that normal people are abnormal and abnormal people are normal! If we aren’t careful we will let to many sick, weird types into our schools and Government and one day God will look down on this Sick Earth and set the whole world on fire till nothing is left as we now know it to be! One day all the sickness and all the evils will just get to much for even God to look down on any longer!

    • TexasOlTimer

      WELL SAID! I’m a product of your day and thank God this didn’t happen in my kids’ school days. Was moderated out of being posted with what I said about the school officials and what would happen to me as a result… so take it as said….

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    It looks like the sick moderators are out tonight, probably some of the Obama Cult!

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Is it possible to put anything on here that does not have to sit in moderation for hours and hours? Could be time for new moderators!

    • Katrina Fernandez

      I am the one that moderates the comments.

  • MerlinMedic

    A point of fact: campus shootings have declined steadily and steeply since the 70s. We have higher profile shootings, but the total number of victims is down. states that there have been 297 shooting deaths on school grounds since 1980. Here is a more complete list:

  • Michael Shreve

    The EMASCULATION of males has been an ONGOING process.

  • Berzrkr50

    I think an awareness of this type of sillyness is a good start. If you’re aware of what’s going on you can act to over-ride the stupidity that schools dish out. The most important thing is that people encourage their little boys, at home, to act like little boys and teach them the subtleties of evil (things vs actions).

  • DevelDoc1

    this is nothing more than political correctness run amok. Pure bs.

  • john4637

    I read an article regarding a boy named Hunter, who is deaf and his school district attempted to force his parents to change his name because the “sign” for Hunter is forming a gun with the hand and forefinger!! Thankfully this abuse was not held up in court!!

  • john4637

    Hey moderator, you awake?!? posted a comment, no vulgarity but the word “gun” was incorporated. First time on this site saw it was Catholic and instantly became interested. Well it’s been over 5 minutes now, still no comment cleared.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Yes, I am awake. Wide awake at my full time day job. Wide awake with my life, which is full of every day goings on. I respectfully request your patience and understanding. I am not going to disable comment moderation. I get too many crazy comments to do so. I’m sure you can sympathize. Thank you.

      • john4637

        my apologies!!!