Phenomenally Craptastic Week…

… I missed my calling as a hermit or rather a pampered recluse. The general public never ceases to amaze me, and by amaze I mean ::facepalm:: I guess I should be seriously grateful I’m not in customer service. I studied forensic pathology for years in hopes of never having to work with the living. Or at least seriously minimizing my contact.

Fast forward fifteen years and here I am knee deep in the general public. Last week I was asked out by an ax murderer. Well, I don’t know if he actually used an ax to murder his victim but I still cautiously declined. Then there was this other dude at my desk today eating sunflower seeds and spitting the shells in a ziploc baggy. And when he looked up to talk to me he had shells all stuck to his lips and spit running down his chin. I was all like…

Thoroughly nauseous I skipped lunch to leave work a few minutes early… so I could race home, change my clothes, wrestle an unwilling child into church attire, drive like mad to get to mass on time and celebrate a holy day of obligation that isn’t till to-freaking-morrow!

What followed next was a complete melt down in the empty church parking lot.

I need a box o’ wine now. Just pour it in my face, please.

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