Life Affirming Zombies…

… I can only tell you why I love the TV series The Walking Dead so much, as everyone has their own individual reasons. Mine is for it’s life affirming message. Seriously. A show about the undead is shockingly edifying. Life is precious and people can endure all manner of horrors thrown at them as long as they have hope. To not just simply survive but live.

Or in the case of this short and emotionally raw clip, Cargo, to live on.

It’s only 7 minutes, but it’s 7 minutes of the most life affirming beauty and heart breaking sacrifice you’re likely to see in the zombie genre of story telling. And for those who follow the TV series TWD, you’ll understand the end. We bury the ones we love.

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  • Roseanna Hatke

    Oh, yes.

  • tj.nelson

    Zombies don’t really exist.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Spiritual zombies do.

  • W. Randolph Steele

    Zombie’s DO exist, but not the way you think. Read “the Serpent and the Rainbow”.

  • hotboogers

    Yes I get it. I don’t know Walking Dead, but I did follow the TV series Sarah Connor Chronicles (Terminator spinoff). The killer robots were the “zombies” of that setting. Terribly violent, yet everything the protagonists did was to preserve human life, present and future. They even had the classic dilemma, I know this person will cause X number of deaths in the future, does that justify killing him now … which of course is only solvable by spiritual means …

  • Roadkill Rhapsody

    I cried!

    • Jordan

      I just about did! That was a great short film though.