Crazy Crescat Poorly Illustrated…

… It’s been exactly one week since I’ve seen the movie The Conjuring. And I still can’t sleep without the light on. What? I have an over active imagination.

So anyway, I’ve been sleeping with a lamp on in my room.

But the light was too bright. To solve this I covered the lamp shade with a pretty scarf. How bohemian.

But last night I decided this bit of silliness must stop. I’m a grown woman for goodness sake. So I finally slept with the light off. Only I forgot to remove the scarf from the lamp.

And it cast a shadow in the corner of my room…

I may never sleep again.

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  • Kristen

    The house it was filmed in is right up the road from me. No joke. And the people who own it are now mad because they signed contracts and got paid for use of their home and now people want to see it. I think they should have nightmares or insomnia from the movie…then I might feel sorry for them.

  • hotboogers

    Sympathies … I had that experience with another horror movie back in 1979 … then again in 1982 when I foolishly saw the movie again at a midnight showing … sigh … stupid human tricks … now I just watch questionable shows on the small screen with all the lights on Saturday afternoon ..

  • Michael Bowes

    LOL. I can totally relate to these feelings. I hardly ever watch a scary flick.. but when I do.. it’s in the afternoon. I have too many real experiences with the dark one to tempt a night time encounter or something around the usual 3am event. =) I recommend putting in a night light.

  • Joseph Moore

    Here, let me help: Look carefully at your second drawing, and ask yourself: Is that the top half of a spaghetti hamburger?


  • Digital Hairshirt

    I confess, I took her to the movie. But I have no such problems, as I have three dogs and Holy Eucharist has been celebrated in my house by The Orthometer. So I’m good.

  • tj.nelson

    I have a small battery operated candle burning before the Holy Face in my room, which lights the night subtly. I sleep with a St. Benedict’s crucifix under my pillow… and Holy Water within reach. I can’t watch scary shows or even think about them.

  • Sheena-Leader Of-the Fuzzheads

    The Warrens were crap-artists of the worst kind. I made the mistake of reading “The Demonologist” about the two of them. It must have come out after “The Exorcist” made a splash, but the tales that the Warrens told were absurd. Plus, Lorraine Warren is a “light trance medium”, in other words, as thoroughly demonized as any of the people they claimed to help. If I am going to get scared it better be true.