Dear God, What Is It Now…

… One can only imagine. Now please excuse me while I uncork another bottle of wine and prepare to drink this papacy away.

Great… just what we need, more stinkin’ interviews.

Screen shot from The Repubblica.

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  • AMoniqueOcampo

    Here’s a meme for you:

  • Quittin’ time at Tara!

    So when are the orthodox Catholics going to stop spinning for this crazy uncle chained to their legs? He has done everything possible to insult them. Is it that they have a sort of magical thinking about how Popes are picked, and admitting that Francis is a progressive goofball would be an offense against the Mystical election of the Holy Spirit? Blame the media. Blame the translations. Blame the cultural differences. Blame yourself for not being charitable, or not having a pastoral imagination, or having to much money or wasting half of a tuna sandwich. BLAH BLAH BLAH Time to withstand him to the face.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Well now. Let’s wait to see what he has to say first. I’m just bracing for impact but hoping it’s nothing.

      • Katrina Fernandez

        Never mind, the interview is out. And your assessment is accurate. Drink up!

  • Augustine

    So, the Pope quotes Bl. John XXIII, the press quotes him out of context, then suddenly the Pope is not Catholic anymore?

    Yes, it was it another stinking interview. This time I skipped the English translation and read it in the Italian original and it still stinks.

    But call me a choirboy, if you will. This is an interview to an atheist from a Communist newspaper who believes in some sort of a fairy tale and the Pope talks to him seeking common ground and then challenges him on his belief. The reporter seems to have been positively impressed and probably others like him may be impressed too. Hopefully good will come out of it.

    However, I think that it’s hard and tricky to be pastoral outside an intimate dialog. In public it’s bound to be hard to contextualize the personal situations. Card. Ratzinger converted Peter Sewald in an interview by just stating the truth, but he was the sole converted journalist. We’ll see what fruits come out of being publicly pastoral.

    • steve5656546346

      Nobody is saying that he is not Catholic–other than as a joke–but his non-stop interviews with endless problems is getting old amazingly quickly.

      • Augustine

        I understand that Card. Bergoglio used to make himself available as much as possible to his Portena flock. That was fine. He seems to be continuing the same approach as bishop of Rome, except that Rome is not like the bishopric of Buenos Aires. He’s the Vicar of Christ and the first among all bishops. Will his approach work to convert, yes, non-believers in his own diocese, hopefully in all dioceses? God only knows.

        • Marni

          I think he is trying to get the Church’s message out to the readers of the paper, not so much to the journalist. He knows that among the readers of the paper, there are many searching for God. That is how I understand what he is doing.