Where Crow Becomes Part of My Diet …

… We have rule in Casa De Crescat — no bad mouthing priests in front of The Boy, because every time something negative is said about a priest a vocation quietly dies. This rule was instituted because my mom, a JPII gal through and through, regularly took aim at Pope Benedict.

Is your Irony Detector going off yet?

This is the part where I acknowledge my hypocritical behavior and admit to my own vocation killing, disparaging remarks about Pope Francis. I don’t really have any excuse. The things I’ve said were unnecessarily snarky and inexcusable. I gave the impression that it was OK to be condescending and patronizing about the Vicar of Christ. That’s pretty damn deplorable. Whatever struggles I have should have remained private between myself, God, and my confessor.

Now here is where I apologize to you all and promise to do better. I know this apology is long overdue. I thought if I ignored the Pope for awhile people would forget. And they may have. But I haven’t, and it gnaws at me every day. I don’t feel good about the things I’ve written in the past and I think a formal apology is in tall order. So here it is; my heaping helping of crow.

I apologize for my comments about Pope Francis. I apologize for spreading negativity, encouraging disrespect, and participating in gossip. I promise, wholeheartedly, to do better.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

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  • katieokeefe

    God love ya, Kat! Recently discovered a nice little double standard of my own. Ouch!

  • AFinch

    Good for you. I’m not a regular reader and had just started reading your blog as you began making comments about the Holy Father. I haven’t been back until today. When I saw the title of this post at the Catholic channel main page, I was hoping this is what I would find. Well done.


  • PeonyMoss

    Yay for Kat kicking Satan in his moldy loose teeth!

  • Russell Tisdale

    Glad to see this :) God bless.

  • dianathetraveler

    Aw. This is awesome. Yay, you!

  • Maggie Sullivan

    Don’t forget we have homosexaul marriage in Illinois because of pope francis and his “don’t judge” words. He has done great damage and to pretend he has not is dishonest.

    • JefZeph

      The Holy Father cannot be blamed for mainstream media malfeasance. He never said “don’t judge”. He said that he was not in a position to judge. Judge what, you ask? Was it the legitimacy of same-sex “marriage”? No!

      He said “Who am I to judge?” in response to a question regarding a particular priest’s repentance. In other words, Pope Francis said he was taking this particular priest’s word for it. Nothing whatsoever to do with the irresponsible, malicious (and unfortunately successful), twisting and contorting of the Good Pontiff’s words. They take them completely out of context and zip them around the world in an abstract soundbite that allows anyone to hear whatever they wish to hear.

      • Maggie Sullivan

        Francis is 100% responsible. He knew what he said was and is being used by the homosexaul lobby to justify sodomy and has done nothing to correct it.
        Francis knows full well the many of his comments have and will be used to promote abortion and homosexaulity and refuses to correct these statments.
        (remember his comments about pro-lifers being “obssesed” with abortion were made to a extreamly liberal Jesuit publication that he knew would use it to hammer pro-lifers)
        Francis has many wonderful qualities but he really doesn’t care about standing up to the culture of death….he wants everyone to think the Catholic Church just a really nice place.

        • woden325

          Baloney. I don’t dispute that it was a silly thing to say, knowing that people would quote it out of context to excuse all kinds of acts, but saying he’s responsible for the people who twist the words is a bridge too far.

          • Maggie Sullivan

            Seeing as though Francis has not made any attempts to correct these words……and Catholic politicians will use his words countless times for years to come to promote homosexaul marriage it’s a very sad state where the pope is silent when his words are used to promote evil.

          • Nan

            Pope Francis isn’t responsible for the liars who twist his words.

        • JefZeph

          I strongly suggest that you start doubting the media and read every quote you hear from the Pope in complete context. You will be very surprised at what you find, and will never believe your TV or newspaper again.

          • somnipod

            Continuing to blame the media is futile. The fact is that the gay lobby activists and proabortion zealots are using Francis words to attack pro-life folks and orthodox normal sex people. The Soros backed Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good have his statementsall over their webpage, and even NARAL quoted his and thanked him… my question… where Iis the Vatican in correcting this? Instead, Francis continues with relativism sounding statements, false eccumism and other Vatican two theologies from the 1970s that continue to empty pews and seminaries.

          • JefZeph

            You make good points, but I would ask you this: When the Vatican does correct such statements, which Soros backed entity would issue a retraction? You do understand that these zealots actively seek the most relative sounding statements they can find, no?

            I implore you, read his daily homilies. There is nothing relativistic about them. Don’t buy this Halloween mask they are trying to fit on Pope Francis’ face. It will be exposed for what it is sooner than most people think.

        • CSmith

          No. We are responsible for what we actually do say, not for the way someone takes what is said out of context to twist to an agenda; or even if someone innocently misquotes or misunderstands what we say.

          Also, we Christians can always do with a reminder of the wholeness of God’s love. We can’t break God’s love into pieces and only use what we want for the people we want. We love God. We love our neighbors (no qualifications.) We love ourselves. At least, please Jesus, let us long for that even when we come up short.

          • Maggie Sullivan

            Homosexaul marriage was voted down in Illinois…then Francis gave permission to culture of death politicians to say about anything and everthing “who am i to judge”
            Now we have homosexaul marriage………
            Yes, we must love our neighbor and that means telling the truth not spewing politically correct words that harm souls just so we are popular.

          • CSmith

            I doubt any politicians changed their mind on same sex marriage, based on any snippet of what Pope Francis said. Someone may be trying to use his words for cover, but that is certainly nothing new. Passages from the Bible are used in that way over and over.

            Yes, we all need the truth of God, and that truth is truth and grace. Jesus, the one we try to follow, was full of truth and grace, perfectly balanced. None of us will ever be able to do that, obviously, but we should be on guard against leaning too far one way or the other. I guess it comes down to whom we are willing to trust. And it just makes much more sense to me to give Pope Francis the benefit of the doubt, if needed, over political activists.

    • Heather

      I really, really, really don’t think you can lay that at his feet.

      • woden325

        It’s a little known fact that Pope Francis is actually a voting member of the Illinois state legislature.

        • Maggie Sullivan

          Francis is not a voting member of the Illinois state legislature but catholic politicians who said they used Francis’s words to vote for sodomite marriage are.

    • Lisa Julia

      Wow. You’ve made a pretty gigantic leap.

  • tj.nelson

    I apologize too. I was stupid to make a big deal about the ads on Patheos. I’m sorry Kat. I don’t want to be in a blogosphere without your friendship. I’m sorry for being a jerk.

  • AMoniqueOcampo

    My prayers for you have been answered! YAY!

  • Eric Barr

    Thank you for your humility. May your message reach the ears of others who desperately need to hear this. The snarkiness that we have heard from the right truly is undeserved by the pope. We are Catholic, he is the Vicar of Christ, we have to stick together in order to do God’s work on earth.

    • smk629

      Well said, Eric (and Ms. Kat).
      We do not always have the same way of reflecting Jesus to the world, but as Catholics, we should stick together – that goes for those of us who lean liberal and those of us who lean conservative.
      My rather liberal parish was merged with an ultra-traditional parish, and thanks to the efforts of our faithful, holy pastor, we made it work and learned to pull together. We became very fond of one another. It took time, and a lot of humility and courtesy on both sides, but it can be done.
      Much love from Akron

  • http://connecticutcatholiccorner.blogspot.com/ CT Catholic Corner

    You’re a better woman than I.
    Hopefully one day…but right now… nope. :(

  • John Sobieski

    He’s the worst Pope in history, so it’s perfectly understandable.

    • somnipod

      John, I agree Francis is a modernist liberal, but I wouldn’t say he’s the “worst”. Remember, saint Peter himself took off and hightailed it when our Lord Jesus was crucified. Prior to that, he denied Christ three times. I will say that, although it was before I was born, Francis is another Paul IV. Lets just hope he doesn’t make the horrible man-centered Paul IV mass EVEN WORSE! Benedict gave many of too young to know otherwise, the “mass of all ages” thanks to his motu proprio. The tridentine mass brought me back to the faith. The new mass, and it’s feeling of “supper celebration” instead of sacrafice killed my faith. The Traditional Latin mass will save the Church, through the sacrifice of the mass. Francis wont change this, he promised

      • crossdotcurve

        You seem obsessed with small-minded rules. Kind of sickly and inward looking…

        • somnipod

          Last I checked the mass was the summit of the faith. If thats “sickly inward” little stuff, you may have more problems than you think my friend. More fruits of the “spirit” of Vatican two

          • crossdotcurve

            Wrong. There is no “summit”. I wish you grace as you gnash and wail in your whitewashed tomb. May you break free someday.

          • Fr. Denis Lemieux

            Vatican II calls the eucharist the source and summit of our faith. This is Catholic doctrine. If you are not Catholic, peace be with you. And let us get on with the business of being Catholic. Thanks.

      • smk629

        Respectfully somnipod, I do not agree that Pope Francis is a modernist liberal. Please remember that it was he who defended his Archdiocese against liberation theology, and he paid the price for it. His pastoral approach may be different from Pope Benedict’s and Pope John Paul’s, but he is every bit as much of a loyal, loving son of the Church as they. Please recall, too, that popes are selected through the grace of the Holy Spirit, and that includes Pope Francis – he deserves our respect and prayerful support.
        I do not understand your reference to Paul IV or “the horrible man-centered Paul IV mass” (unless you are referring to Pope Paul VI). I am very glad you returned to the Church via the Latin Mass. But I must say, I love our Mass in English. I have attended Latin Masses in my area and I was open to loving it as well, but it left me a bit cold. I could not understand the words (although of course I understood the flow of the Mass), and it just didn’t feel like I had been to Mass. The congregation was also rather cold and condescending to me, an outsider. Sorry, but that is how I honestly felt. I do respect and love those who worship at the Tridentine Mass, and I would hope you would do the same for us, your fellow Catholics.
        The priests at my parish pray the Mass in English reverently and beautifully, and it never fails to move me spiritually. Your reference to Holy Mass in the vernacular as a “supper celebration” is disrespectful and way out of line. I was blessed to attend Mass at Yankee Stadium when Pope Benedict visited America, and I can assure you it was in English, and it was valid, licit and devout, just as Mass at my parish is. We are all Catholics together – we should respect one another, and the Mass in the vernacular is every bit as valid as the Tridentine.
        Peace be with you, my friend, and welcome back to the Church.

    • Dan F.

      Really? The worst in history? With Alexander VI as competition?

  • Michelle

    You are on fire these days, Madam. On fire if a very good way that is letting light pour through into the dark. Another prayer is being sent up for you today.

  • Michelle

    That would be . . . . on fire in a good way

  • Michael O’Keefe

    Brava! Elegantly stated, as always. I lament how Pope Francis is misconstrued, and I am lucky that I did not have a national platform to say what sprang to my head when the comments began being published. There but for the grace of God go I.

  • Sr. Theresa Noble


  • Christian LeBlanc

    Don’t feel too bad, there are basically two groups of people in the world:
    A. Priests.
    B. Their critics.

  • Barbara Fryman

    I think it was grief at losing B16. I’m not making excuses for you, but saying I think I understand. You’re a fighter, like me. When fighters are hurt we bite. God bless you.

  • Rebecca Duncan

    It’s nice you are reflecting on how you criticize but that doesn’t mean there was nothing to criticize. They finally took that interview of his off the vatican website I heard, which is a step in the right direction. Still, don’t stop being on your guard against modernist claptrap no matter who is saying it.

  • Quittin’ time at Tara!

    What makes Popes and priests so golden that we are forbidden to take their words and actions at face value like we do other men? There is nothing magical about them that renders the rational brain inert. Talking about the real errors, moral and intellectual, of clerics will not kill a vocation to the priesthood. But it WILL kill a priestly vocation that is arrogant, permissive, clerical, ideological, and detached from the natural law and dismissive of tradition.

    The Pope is a man of his own mind, knows what he’s saying, and means it. When he singles traditionalists out and calls them names, he means it. When he calls pro-lifers and traditional marriage crusaders obsessives, he means it. When he tells the Anglican Communion to stay where they are, he means it. It is real, and wrong, and the truth is more important than any religious obligation to someone’s station. Not witnessing to the truth of things only gets the Body of Christ in deep sh*t, time after time.

    Keep in mind, Francis has never corrected himself. His handlers have done that for him.

    So, I don’t accept your apology, as big-hearted and hopeful as it is. You have nothing to be sorry for, and I only laud your perceptiveness in the past, and praise your ability to call things by their real names, and be justifiably alarmed and downcast at what rightfully deserves your critical eye.

  • James H, London

    Peace, Kat. You’re a good person.