Where Crow Becomes Part of My Diet …

… We have rule in Casa De Crescat — no bad mouthing priests in front of The Boy, because every time something negative is said about a priest a vocation quietly dies. This rule was instituted because my mom, a JPII gal through and through, regularly took aim at Pope Benedict.

Is your Irony Detector going off yet?

This is the part where I acknowledge my hypocritical behavior and admit to my own vocation killing, disparaging remarks about Pope Francis. I don’t really have any excuse. The things I’ve said were unnecessarily snarky and inexcusable. I gave the impression that it was OK to be condescending and patronizing about the Vicar of Christ. That’s pretty damn deplorable. Whatever struggles I have should have remained private between myself, God, and my confessor.

Now here is where I apologize to you all and promise to do better. I know this apology is long overdue. I thought if I ignored the Pope for awhile people would forget. And they may have. But I haven’t, and it gnaws at me every day. I don’t feel good about the things I’ve written in the past and I think a formal apology is in tall order. So here it is; my heaping helping of crow.

I apologize for my comments about Pope Francis. I apologize for spreading negativity, encouraging disrespect, and participating in gossip. I promise, wholeheartedly, to do better.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

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