You Never Know Who Is Reading…

… While researching saint costume ideas for a project in my son’s faith formation class, my son stumbled upon Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati. What originally was nothing more than an easy costume idea has now blossomed into a Confirmation saint. And it all started with a blog.

Sure, I said, I can whip up a hiking outfit, complete with pipe and walking stick, but you have to do the research on the saint. You have to know, really know, the saint you’re going to be representing, I told him. So my son did what all kids his age do… he took to the internet. He search landed him at Brandon Vogt’s blog. The more he read, the more he admired. My son said he was inspired and awed by Bl. Pier Giorgio, so Frassati it is.

Which got me wondering. Who am I inspiring with my writings and to what am I inspiring them towards?

Recently, not much. I apologize and ask you to pray for me to do better.

I suppose it should serve as a reminder to us all, you never know who is reading. Whether it’s a kid doing research on a saint or a person considering Catholicism, we should always keep in mind the impact of our words and strive to edify beauty.

Now here’s to follow my own advice.

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  • Kim Whelan

    Thank you for the reminder. You are a good mom btw.

  • Maurisa Mayerle

    It’s amazing how much we learn from our own children. What a shame so many people chose to not have any at all.

  • CT Catholic Corner

    Excellent reminder.

  • Quittin’ time at Tara!

    Please, gurl. I beg to differ. Your wit and thoughtfulness gives my plodding, mule- like faith a little shot in the arm. One of your captions yesterday kept me lighthearted for a whole afternoon. Conservative Catholicism can be a bit grave. I SO appreciate the opportunity to kid around.


    Indeed. . . good reminder to all of us who write about the Holy Faith etc. Also we should also remember HE IS WATCHING.