Slow Cook All The Things…

… I got a new crock pot for Christmas! I’m so excited. Gone all the days of shriveled meat pucks and cereal for dinner. I still might start that cooking blog, Burnt Offerings. My mind is wild with endless dinner possibilities, although I’ve never cooked anything other than chili in my old crock pot. Beans are cheap, see.

I made a plea on facebook to share with me some of your favorite slow cooker recipes and resources. Of course Simcha pointed out that you can turn a crock pot into a moonshine still.

“…you’ll learn how a variety of ingenious stills were built, operated and recipes for everything for traditional corn “likker,” to bathtub gin. (2 lbs. sugar per gallon of water, bakers yeast and a couple of juniper berries.) You’ll also learn the hazards of distilling, to include poisoning, fires, scalding, explosions and jail.”

What could go wrong?

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