Owning a Dog Makes You Crazy…

… As you may have recalled, we got a dog right before Christmas. In that time I’ve discovered a very disturbing and embarrassing fact about myself. Dog ownership will make you lose your mind. Like forget how to speak proper English lose your mind. Because look at this face…

Isn’t dat da sweetest most kissable widdle puppy kiss face you’ve ever seen?!? Yes it is! Kissy widdle pup face. Who’s momma’s bestest boy? You are! Yes you are!

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Did someone say "snow"...
Can't a girl even walk down the street anymore...
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  • Digital Hairshirt

    Izzum a puppy, izzum a sweet puppy boy, yes he is.

  • pedroerik

    Oh, God.

  • tj.nelson

    See – I knew you were a decent person.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      Don’t get crazy now.

  • Christopher Lake

    I love dogs!

  • Tonestaple

    My dog is inconsistently dog aggressive. I consulted a trainer. The main thing she had me do that has made a difference is, when Sophie fixates on another dog and looks aggressive, even a little bit, I say “Look at that!” in a VERY excited tone and click and give her a treat. There are certain dogs who she is only finally starting not to be afraid of, and so when they show up, I practically start dancing I get so excited saying, “Look at that. Look at the puppies, Look at that, It’s Puppies!” and other similar nonsense. All of this is taking place in public with lots and lots of people around. So you can baby-talk your puppy as much as you want, but if you ain’t makin’ a fool of yourself in public, you got a ways to go.

  • Tonestaple

    PS, have you taught him to kiss on command yet?

    • EMS

      I have. :-)

  • Philippa Martyr

    I know the feeling. We babysat our parish priest’s cat for two months, which had the unexpected effect of releasing the crazy cat lady within. The day after we gave the priest’s cat back (not after much speculation about catnapping, etc), we went and chose one from the rescue shelter. He is here now with me as I type, and he is a big old sookums wif a darling face. I have adjusted quite well now to a life covered in small affectionate scratches and cat hair.

  • http://yardsaleofthemind.wordpress.com/ Joseph Moore

    Dogs do not make one crazy, Rather, they reveal who you really are.

    I pet the dog, give him treats once in a while, yet, as far as he knows, his name is Stupid*ss Dog.

    My dog has revealed that I am not consistent.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      When my dog gets underfoot his name changes too, to mother f*cker.

  • Karen Cain

    I would posit that one would have to BE crazy to own a dog. Give me a cat anyday.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

      A cat will never drag your listless body from a burning building. It will; however, eat the face off your corpse if your body goes undetected for any number of days.

      • Karen Cain

        My cats have all been so finicky they’d turn their nose up at my rotting corpse.

        Plus, dogs will do the same thing. Ever see that episode of X Files, where that guy had a vision of a little Pomeranian eating its master’s dead face? :P

        • Eugene Edward Yeo

          While the truth is, in fact, out there, it may shock you to learn that 1) pomeranians aren’t really dogs and 2) the X-files aren’t real.

      • EMS

        I love both. :-)

      • Philippa Martyr

        Dogs do that too, you know. Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones posited an entire novel around it.