Incite All The Violence – Salon Writer Encourages Vigilante Justice Against Zimmerman…

… Salon writer Natasha Lennard wants you to angrily mob George Zimmerman if you happen to come across him out in public. Never mind that he is a free man, found not guilty of his crimes.

In her article, Angry crowd runs George Zimmerman out of Miami, she writes…

George Zimmerman reportedly received a small taste of vigilante justice on a recent beach trip in Miami. According to reports on (ever reliable news site) TMZ, Trayvon Martin’s killer was run off a beach when recognized by an angry crowd. Zimmerman, who had been in Miami to film a series of interviews and garner yet more undeserved platforms in the public eye, swiftly left the city following the incident. My hope is that the Miami mob set a precedent for how to treat Zimmerman henceforth.

Her hope is that you’ll take the law into your hands and attack this man. That’s what she says. Right there. Her own words. She hopes the Miami mob will set a precedent for how all people should treat George Zimmerman should they encounter him daring to show his face in public. How dare he take a stroll on the beach. Or go to the store. Or step one foot out of his underground bunker. He deserves to be mobbed and threatened and cower in fear everywhere he goes, this man found not guilty of his crimes.

There’s no bigger bully than an irresponsible liberal gloating over her own words.

If Salon had any journalistic integrity they’d drop her immediately for her reprehensible, unethical, and unprofessional actions. I just made myself chuckle… “Salon” and “journalistic integrity” in the same sentence.

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