So There Was This One Time I Was On A Diet…

… Then I ate an entire bag of Doritos for dinner. But I have a legitimate excuse. We’d been snowed in for three days and it was all that was left in the cabinets. That’s a lie. I gave up that diet looooong before Christmas.

Today my co-workers brought two dozen doughnuts to work to share. Last week it was a strawberry cream cake. It’s their fault I’m fat. OK, that’s another lie. While I was eating doughnuts for lunch this afternoon, I had this amazing idea. Doughnut flavored ice cream! I’m a genius. However, just like everything else someone beat me to it. Go ahead… Google doughnut flavored ice cream. Seems like every stoner and the stoner before them imagined the very same thing.

Here’s one recipe I found with a very enticing image.

This and beer. That’s what’s on the dinner menu in Heaven. Mmmmm. Doughnuts. Or is it Donuts?

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