Blah blah blah-biddy blah…

… When I went to my old church my lack of enthusiasm could be blamed on the environment — a church that didn’t look like a church, no ornamentation, terrible music, and those horrible stand up comily acts (comedy + homily).

All that has changed now. I’m at the perfect parish. Beautiful church-y ornamentation. Check. Fantastic and relevant homilies. Check. Lovely chant. Check.

So what gives? Why the feeling that it’s all joyless and perfunctory? It’s like I’m in a constant struggle with my inner protestant.

My inner prot tells me that faith is supposed to make me feel all good and happy and junk, like an overly sentimental Christian pop song.

My inner Catholic keeps telling me to suck it up and just have a drink.

Well, at least Lent is almost over.

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