Rape is NOT Entertainment…

… Dear Folks Over At HBO and the Directors/Writers/Producers of Game of Thrones;

We get it. Bad guys do bad things. I think it’s quite fair to say that at this point in the series we, the viewers, have a very clear sense of who these bad guys are and what they are capable of doing (Hint – very bad things).

We don’t need to see a rape with every.single.episode to illustrate just how bad these bad guys are. I can go one whole hour without seeing a naked pair of breasts or a woman being sexually assaulted.

Since you’ve taken it upon yourselves to write a rape scene in every.single.episode, even going so far as to re-write the story line (Bran at Craster’s rape hut? Really?) to guarantee you never miss an opportunity to make with the rape time, I can only assume that you, HBO, like and condone rape.

You must think it the epitome of high entertainment. What else are we, the viewer, supposed to gather from all the gratuitous raping in Game of Thrones?

I cannot even believe there is a need for me to type this next statement but…

Can we please stop glorifying rape? Pretty please? There is nothing entertaining about rape. [Updated 4/29/14] This goes for every television show and movie out there that feels the need to graphically show a person being raped.

Does HBO know the number of women who are fans of the show and the books and how many of them they are turning off? Do they care? Probably not as much as they love rape and ratings.

I’m not naive. I’ve read every single book in the Song of Ice and Fire series. I know they are not for the faint of heart, and yes, there are some graphic scenes in them. But now, HBO, even managed to creep out the author who created the Game of Thrones world, with your love all the rapes obsessiveness.

It’s disgusting and adds nothing to the story line… except a chance for the writers to show a naked woman in all the episodes, which we don’t need. The show would still be great and I’m pretty sure men would still watch if you toned down or took out completely the gratuitous nudity and raping.

As a lover of men, I refuse to think so little of the opposite sex that they need to have breasts and raping in every.single.episode in order to be entertained. That’s a little sexist, don’t ya think?

Enough already.

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