Let me tell ya a little story about novenas…

… They scare me to death. Maybe that’s why I’ve never finished one. Ever. It just seems like every time I start one things start to happen.

Things like your internet inexplicably dying for three days and losing your cell phone and the check engine light that keeps coming back on. Oh, and thinking your son has Lyme Disease.

Talk about a crazy past three days. At the rate I’m going I’m afraid to see what next week has in store for me.

The Boy doesn’t have Lyme Disease, by the way. He just got a bad cold with a fever a week after we pulled a few deer ticks off him. That was all it took to send me in full on freak out mode.

Maybe I’m being silly. But I swear it. There’s something to these novenas, I tell ya.

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  • Quittin’ time at Tara!

    Aaaaaaah! I have to take a clown car of kids up North into the woods crawling with those vile ticks. I am so scared of Lyme and know some sad stories. Time to start my novena to Our Lady of DEET.

    Everyone seems to think humans are at the top of the food chain. As a mother, I see that we are so obviously at the bottom.

  • Glenn Galenkamp

    Nope you aren’t being silly…sounds like Old Scratch is trying to keep you from praying….hope the kid gets well for you soon.

  • Stephen Lowe
  • tj.nelson

    Oh Hon! Vodka is a great repellent for ticks.

    Anyway – finish the novena – otherwise this superstition will interrupt you over and over again. If you miss a day – say the prayers anyway. Start to finish. Just to prove to yourself novenas are not like chain letters.

    • Mary E.

      The mention of chain mail makes me think uncharitable thoughts about a friend who sent me one of those “recipe swap” chain emails. Which, in turn, reminds me of another reason that I need to pray this novena . . . the tendency towards uncharitable thoughts.