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Stay at home moms, stop saying you don’t work…


... If there is one thing that totally grates my nerves, it's women who stay at home to take care of their families apologetically refer to themselves as someone who "doesn't work."Just this week I met a beautiful woman who just had a baby. She told me that as soon as she was able to go back to work she'd feel more like she was contributing to the family - as if caring for her child was somehow not contributing.Momma, you work! Trust me, you work.Whether you're a mom who labors … [Read more...]

Overlooked and Dismissed During the Synod, How Single Parents Continue to be Regarded in the Church…


Well, the Extraordinary Synod for the Family, has ended, and not surprisingly single parents have gotten the same sort of polite inattention from the Catholic bishops that we are used to getting in the pews. Special attention should be given to the accompaniment of single-parent families, in a particular way to help women who have to carry alone the responsibility of the home and raising children. That vague-sounding one line was all the consideration single parents saw in the final … [Read more...]

Insignificant Members of the Church…


... You know what the absolute best thing in the whole world is about having a blog? The ability to go back and read some of the nonsense I previously wrote and learn from my past errors in judgement.Take for example this post from two years, It's Not The Church's Responisibilty To See That You Have An Fulfilling Social Life.I don’t really expect the Church to do anything for *me* specifically outside of these sacraments. Theology on Tap is fun – it has booze. Young adult groups are als … [Read more...]

I’ve Got The Funk…


... I've been in a hell of a funk lately.Not that kind of funk. That would be awesome, but no.This funk is the kind where I no longer find inspiration or joy in the things I used to. I'm just so tired. Every day is the same thing, day in and day out.Pray for me. … [Read more...]

Dear Walking Dead, I am Breaking Up With You…


... I think after tonight I may be completely done with The Walking Dead.I'm just not that cynical to find it entertaining anymore. I cannot accept what the writers are presenting to the viewers -- that all of humanity can be so completely, utterly, irreparably far gone.Everything beautiful that show was is gone. Gone. It went down the trough drain.Last year I declared The Walking Dead to be fully Catholic. This year I take it all back. I wrote,The Walking Dead is more than a … [Read more...]

Reese Gone Wild…


... It happens all the time in Hollywood. Whenever an actress wants to prove she's all grown up the clothes start to come off.Hollywood, where everyone is a feminist and a sexist at the same time.Emma Watson, who spoke at the UN demanding equality for all sexes, doesn't even see the paradox within the industry she works for. I'd like to know her thoughts on why male actors aren't encouraged to get naked and compromise their morals to prove their acting chops.Most recently, … [Read more...]

Stupid things people assume about my small Catholic family…


... In a religion where family size is looked upon as a marker of piety and fidelity to Church teaching, the woman with only one child, or no children, is often treated with a certain degree of suspicion.Is she selfish, contracepting, or just not that fertile?Mom bloggers often write about the rude comments they encounter from strangers, and even from some family and friends, who ridicule their choice to have a large family. I know the comments can be truly awful, thoughtless, … [Read more...]

When did lunch time become so complicated…


... So my son comes home from school and tells me about this new lunch time trend. Bento boxes. A Bento what?Bento boxes are elaborate and intricately designed lunch time meals stuffed in cutesy little boxes. They usually have a popular theme and, like all things nauseatingly adorable, originated in Japan.In other words...Firstly, depending on the age, kids should be making their own lunch. Secondly...I'm doing good to throw a can of soup in a bag and remember to … [Read more...]

Can Parents Protect Their Children From Abusive Relationships…


In a previous post I discussed why women choose to stay in violent relationships. In response, this question was posted,So, how do we protect our children from marrying abusers? Do we just accept that mistakes happen and people are just hoodwinked by sociopaths now and again? Can you think of anything that would have inoculated you against marrying someone who would hurt you?Excellent question. But the answer isn't simple.Unfortunately, there is no guarantee against abusive … [Read more...]