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#whyIstayed Why Women Stay In Domestically Violent Relationships…


... After a disturbing video of Ray Rice hitting his then-fiancée, Janay Palmer, surfaced online, hundreds of women who escaped abusive relationships flooded social media to respond with hashtags, "#WhyIStayed" and "#WhyILeft."The responses are heartbreaking but need to be seen so people can finally stop blaming the victim. Also, so they can see that domestic violence doesn't always look like this...It sometimes looks like this..So why did I stay... for much of the very … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Fine Art Friday…


... My good friend, Colin, recently wrote a post about his ten favorite paintings. Each painting he chose moved him in some fashion and left a lasting impression.Which in turn got me thinking about the works of art in my own life that I've experienced. I say "experienced" because that is exactly what I did. Certain works move us beyond seeing. They are felt and stamped in our memories.Below is my list of the ten most influential works of art that were responsible for indelibly shaping … [Read more...]

Meet The Most Amazing Women (To Me) That Ever Lived…


... Meet my granma, Katherine. The lady I was named after.To me she was the most wonderful woman that ever lived. Today would have been her birthday.Born in 1922, she was witness to many of modern history's major events. She volunteered with the USO and sang for the troops. She had a terrible singing voice but always added with a wink, "the boys never much cared about how I sounded."Her friends called her Sissy, the soldiers called her a Looker.I wish I had asked her … [Read more...]

Positively the Most Epic Catholic Kitsch Ever…


...Behold, Glow Jesus, in it's all splendor.Photo credit, Liesa G. H/T Scott B.It brings a tear to the eye.It's positively perfect in every way, aesthetically (as kitsch goes) and theologically with it's rich use of symbolism.The the sea shell, especially the scallop shell, is the symbol of Baptism, and is found frequently on Baptismal fonts. Here, the shell at the bottom can be used as a holy water font.And those five silk roses. Betcha didn't know when five … [Read more...]

Lifelong Effects of Abortion on Men – A Robbed Manhood…


... Once I saw a bumper sticker, “Having an abortion doesn’t make you un-pregnant. It makes you the mother of a dead baby.” The same could be said for a father whose child has been aborted.Little attention is given to men when the topic of abortion is raised. Many believe since men don't have a uterus they don't have the right to an opinion on the matter. But a pregnancy doesn't involve just the pregnant woman. Many people are involved - a child yet born, future and/or existing siblings, gran … [Read more...]

Mary’s Queenship Beautifully Represented by Veronese, Botticelli, Sirani and Velázquez…


... Today's Fine Art Friday celebrates the Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary.The faithful, under the guidance of an unerring Catholic instinct, have ever recognized the queenly dignity of the Mother of "The King of kings and Lord of lords": the Fathers, the Doctors of the Church, Popes, down through the centuries, have given authoritative expression to this truth and the crowning testimony to this common belief is to be found clearly expressed in the wonders of art and in … [Read more...]

Obama claims ISIL speaks for no religion. Then what’s the “I” in “ISIL” stand for…

new york times

... In another mind blowing attempt to kowtow to Islam, our president goes deeper in denial for the sake of multiculturalism and diversity.This is completely reprehensible and irresponsible. To say that "no religion" speaks for ISIL is an outright lie that I don't think anyone can possibly believe. What exactly does the "I" in "ISIL" stand for then?The Islamic States is just that, Islamic. ISIL has all the trademarks of the past 1300 years of post-Mohammedan culture - Piracy, theft, … [Read more...]

Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ series and idolizing dysfunctional relationships…


... On the recommendation of women everywhere I decided to give Diana Gabaldon's popular series, Outlander, a try.And yeah.Seriously, women! This is what passes as romance?I commented that Jaime and Claire's relationship was dysfunctional at best. "Keep reading", you said. "It gets better", you promised.Jaime threatens to beat Claire lots. "Yes, but just keep reading", it gets better.Jaime beats Claire "within an inch of her life" for running off and almost getting … [Read more...]

Mark Steyn on the “narrative” of Ferguson…


... If you've been keeping up with the news, you'll know that in the streets of America this happened.Mark Steyn makes some interesting points about what we've been witnessing in Ferguson and the effects of a severely militarized police force.First, he rightly notes that in this day and age for a police cruiser to not have a dash cam is a deliberate and conscious choice made by the city's police department. There's literally nothing to see here, folks. Move along.It's … [Read more...]