Passing on the Faith: Teaching the Next Generation

This month the Divine Feminine blog is taking part in the back-to-school conversation that is happening across the whole Patheos platform on faith formation.  We want to hear about your experiences/dreams/visions of passing on the faith, and of  mentoring across generations.

Here are some questions to get the juices flowing:

  • How do we successfully pass on faith to our children?
  • How do you/would you like to work together across generations?
  • If you could create your dream curriculum — a set of materials for the spiritual development of children and adolescents — what would it look like?


Please choose one (or several, or none…) of these prompts, and send us a blog of 300-700 words to  PLEASE INCLUDE a one-sentence bio and a photo of yourself in a format we can use.

Blessings to you all,

Women of Spirit and Faith



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