Invitation to blog: feminine spiritual leadership in a new world

Thank you to Evolver Social Movement for this image
Thank you to Evolver Social Movement for this image

The world has tilted on its axis and opened deep cracks in our collective human heart. We are listening deeply for the wisdom arising from those cracks. We are aware that women’s spiritual leadership is more important … and mysterious … than ever. The work we all do on behalf of the Sacred Feminine is more crucial than ever.

WSF exists to offer sacred space for authentic conversations. We believe we can co-create a new narrative – together in circle – when as individuals we are grounded in sacred space and rooted in deep authentic spirituality.

We invite you to share your reflections on this blog. Please send us a blog of 300-900 words, including a photo of yourself and a one sentence bio, and send it to

Her are some questions to prompt your deep dive:

What do you need to share today?

What do you need to hear?



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