Rejection: A sign of Success with Adam C. Hall



I lost count of the number of times I have been turned down for one thing or another. Sometimes I really did not care. Screw them, I thought. Others times, however, I felt downright depressed. Rejection, being turned away as unacceptable, can have powerful and long lasting effects on the psyche. When perpetuated time and time again, it can destroy a sense of self worth. Rejection can cast a long shadow over relationships, work, and the connection to the inner and outer environment. Essentially, the feeling of rejection imprisons the magnificence that lies at the core of being human. How can feeling rejected be converted into a successful outcome?


Rejection at its core is a feeling that results from a reaction to an action. And the outcome of that action triggers a feeling and response. When positive, we feel affirmed, when negative, we feel disaffirmed or rejected. The action occurs in the outer environment and the feeling and reaction occurs in our inner environment. In the natural world, the exact opposite occurs. Nature’s expression of growth and radiance occurs first within and then subsequently is reflected into the outer world. The natural order of events in nature reveals a secret about how humans react to rejection. And why shifting our understanding of rejection can result in a rich and full life.


The natural outcome of an action that originates from within us is acceptance, growth and the radiance of the higher Self. All things in nature do this naturally. Everything is accepted as is. Humans were created to express themselves for better or worse. I have long worked hard to reveal my better or natural nature. Having met with success and failure, I realized that rejection was the trigger point to my, let’s say, less appealing aspect. When I began to examine the source of my reactions, the feelings within, I began to shift the paradigm. Instead of being reactive I began to be proactive about my feelings of rejection.


Now if others reject one of my projects, feelings, ideas or thoughts, I proactively convert the feeling into a positive thought. My inner nature knows that if I am NOT being rejected than I am living in a cocoon and not expressing myself. If I am being rejected than I am taking risks, casting my net far and wide, going out on limb, and stepping out of my element. Rejection can be converted into success. Rejection is a matter of what you do with it.

Alchemists refer to this as turning lead into gold.  Native Americans refer to it as, growing corn from dry soil.


How have you converted rejection into a success?


Earth Mantra:  My radiance and growth shines from within and reflects the true light of my nature.








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