The Fifth Sacred Thing: Make the Dream a Reality

If you haven’t heard, Starhawk’s 1993 novel The Fifth Sacred Thing is being made into a film. The script is apparently already written, and there is a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to put together a package to pitch to a major filmmaking studio to secure funding. The money will be used for securing music rights and creating sketches of costume and other designs. The group organizing the campaign is also including a “Green Plan” for environmental accountability, in keeping with the worldview of the novel.

The Kickstarter goal is $60,000, of which $3500 has already been raised on the first day. There are various incentives that go with donations, too, like t-shirts, posters and water bottles.

Starhawk is a longtime environental activist and pagan author whose nonfiction books The Spiral Dance and Dreaming the Dark were integral to the beginnings of neo-pagan movement in the 1980s.

Best of luck to Starhawk and her team, and let’s all help to make this film project a reality!

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  • Nothing quite like seeing us go from obscure, to pop culture and finally to group that can and is taken seriously along with our culture and what comes with it. Go Starhawk! It's a wonderful progression to watch. 🙂