This documentary film completed in 2011 will be shown on PBS tomorrow at 7 pm (Check your local PBS affiliate website for times or screening dates in your area).

Back to the Garden is a film project that began in 1968, chronicling the “back to the earth” movement that was such closely related to the pagan revival. In 2006, the filmmaker, Kevin Tomlinson, looked in on the subjects from the original film to see what they were doing. The resulting documentary film has been shown at a number of film festivals and has received several prestigious awards. Images from the film (including the one I borrowed to feature here) can be viewed at the website for  Seattle’s PBS affiliate KCTS9.

The film is showing on WMHT Sunday August 12 at 7 m EST. It is also possible to purchase a DVD of the film. I look forward to watching it tomorrow and posting my review here.



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  • Varoom13

    I have one question…is this an episode to another show as “American Experience” or is this a free standing video? My PBS station doesn’t appear to be carrying it. I’m in VA with WHRO. I will be looking forward to your review seeing I’m of that generation I remember it very well.
    Blessings always

    • Peg Aloi

      I believe it is a stand alone presentation.