Drop Everything But Your Pants! STEVIE NICKS is coming to AHS: COVEN

Jezebel posted the news today, grabbed from Ryan Murphy’s Twitterfeed: The grande dame of music, diaphanous clothing, high heeled boots and witchery, Ms. Stevie Nicks, will be making a guest appearance on AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN.

Words cannot express our excitement here at The Witching Hour! We’ve been playing “Rhiannon” on repeat ever since we heard the news…

We hope she wears black…

Many thanks to Wren Walker for the news tip…

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  • lilithdorsey

    I think we should host this week’s live AHS Coven chat dressed as Stevie Nicks, again not much change from the norm.

    • PegAloi

      YES!!! WE shall!!!

      • lilithdorsey

        Hahaha… I will take my hair down and shake it around. That may be enough Stevie Nicks for me tonight 🙂