Countdown to Stevie Nicks! THIS WEDNESDAY!

Well, as ya’all know, we here at The Media Witch’s magical headquarters, opium den and Dionysian Emporium have been very excited about the forthcoming appearance of the great STEVIE NICKS on American Horror Story: Coven. We even created a Stevie Selfies contest in honor of this momentous event! (Get your photos posted soon!)

Well, my dears, that day is upon us. This Wednesday night the Welsh White Witch herself, the goddess of breakup rock, the twirling-in-shawl-and-boots-babe of our wildest dreams will be on FX’s witchy show that is among the hottest series of the season. Be there or be square!

Rumor has it Stevie and Misty Day will sing together. Any bets on what song they will sing? I can’t guess but I am betting it will be on e that has not been featured yet, so along those lines I am thinking “Gold Dust Woman.” Or maybe “Stand Back.” The show uses the songs in sometimes literal ways, with lyrics as apt or ironic counterpoint to the action. You have to hand it to the show’s creators, even as the writing is not as carefully-crated as we’d wish, the music choices are often spot on and delightful.

Here are a few photos of Stevie with her young fan Misty Day (Lily Rabe) to whet your appetites. No doubt there will be more, and some excellent memes as well.

Of course, Lilith Dorsey (of Voodoo Universe) and I will be chatting about it in our finest Stevie Nicks finery! Catch us on Thursday night, join our chat on Google Hang Out Live On Air, or check out the link on Youtube right after.

Will you ever win? You might, if you upload your Stevie Selfies before Wednesday!


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