February: Women in Horror Month

In  case you missed it, there is still time to marvel over the wonderful world of women in the horror industry. Writers, filmmakers, artists, performers, editors, producers, they are all celebrated in this month long observation that’s been going on for five years now (who knew?). Check out the Facebook page for a month’s worth of awesome links. It will probably keep you busy through February 2015!

Some highlights:

The Women in Horror Calendar, being sold in the UK (via Etsy) to benefit charity.

A very cool looking new documentary film: My Final Girl: The Black Women of 70s Horror Cinema (the WIHM page features a number of posts discussing the merging/overlap of Black History Month with Women in Horror Month)

The Etheria Film Festival, seeking entries from women in the sci-fi, horror and fantasy genres (deadline March 31, 2014)

Living Dead magazine!

In celebration, later today I will be posting to links to as many of my horror-related reviews and articles as I can find online…



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