Raised from the Dead…Acts for Today?

Was this woman raised from the dead. What do you think about this situation? Does God still perform signs and wonders like we read about in the book of Acts?……..

I want to hear your thoughts!

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  • Jeff Zimmerman

    God is BIG. He does what he pleases; when he pleases.

  • Derek

    I agree with jeff. That video is awesome. I mean no one other than God could pull of that. Even the doctors lost hope but then she just woke up. Sounds like a story from the bible there, haha. God’s in charge everything, we need to realize this and let Him take control. Thanks for sharing the video bro!

  • Jon

    God still makes the lame walk, blind see, deaf hear, mute speak, and dead raise! There are many stories of people raising from the dead, I know many pastors and evangelists whom I’ve met personally who have raised people from the dead. I’ve been personally healed from scoliosis. I’ve personally laid hands on many and have seen them healed. From pain in the knees to allergic reactions that were closing up someones breathing passages! A lot more miracles of healings happen over in other countries(Africa and others) because they believe what they hear and don’t doubt. When someone says Jesus can heal you, they believe it instantly and get healed. Over here in the US that isn’t the case all the time. Why? Because the media bashes God, scientists bash the belief in a Creative being; there is just so much doubt and so much that people are filled with on a daily basis through secular TV, radio, internet, music, movies and more.