Monty Python Creators of the Jesus Film?

So last night I was in a class at seminary called, The Gospel of Luke. I have enjoyed the class and love what my teacher has to say about this great book of the bible. Now, here’s the deal, yesterday we watched part of the Jesus Film. Now I know this film has had an amazing impact in the world, especially for missionaries in indigenous areas, but what my buddies and I kept on noticing was that there was Monty Python all over it. For instance, all of the actors are Anglo and seem to have English accents. This is obviously hilarious for various reasons and has theological implications. As others have said, cultures tend to make Jesus in their own image. But, as we watched we couldn’t help but notice how many of the scenes reminded us of the Holy Grail movie. So, next time you watch the Jesus Film, have Monte Python in the back of your mind and see where your imagination takes you. You may just see Jesus with his caravan traveling down the road and think of “brave Sir Robbins” who ran away (not because it is Jesus but because of how the movie is done) or hear coconuts clinging together as they continue on their way. You may even notice how the demoniac seems a lot like the sorcerer who “there are some who call me…Tim.”

Well, even if you don’t think they match up that well (we may have just been in a stupid mood), I thought you might enjoy one of the best clips from Monte Python below……

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  • That’s hilarious. I’ve seen the Jesus Film and started laughing the minute you made the Python connection!

    Great observation. I’ve read through your blog and enjoy your insights.

  • Tony, thanks for coming by the blog! I look forward to more discussions in the future. Don’t be a stranger!!!!

  • Hilarious, Kurt. According to IMDB, Grail was made in 1975 and the Jesus film in ’79, so it’s not at all difficult to believe that some of the movie editors/director/etc. could have seen it, though they probably would not have admitted it to their boss. . .it would be great to ask if you could connect with the right people!

    I have seen Grail but not Jesus. . .guess that shows where MY educational priorities were. . .