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Youth miniStarZ: A video for anyone in Youth Ministry or who just likes to laugh!

This is a video a friend sent me about being in youth ministry! Tell me your thoughts! (written by Benjamin Wallis for Student Life Camp 2009) Being a youth minister is hard work. Hard work that often, goes unthanked. so. THANK YOU …) [Read more…]

Don't Forget to Take a Sword With You!

For the few months leading up to a class I took on the book of Luke, I listened the audio of Luke multiple times on my ipod as I drove to various places. It is interesting to me how much fresh insight you can gain when you hear the Scriptures as opposed to reading them. [Read More…]

Closer (Series), Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Philemon Message

Right Click and Save Target As to play This is the opening message in a series we did called “Closer: Relationships in the Way of Jesus” (we borrowed the series title from Vintage Church, but the content is all original). In this message, we look at the whole of the letter to Philemon. [Read more…]

Quote To Ponder: Billy Graham on Evolution

This week I got a new book in the mail titled, I Love Jesus and I Accept Evolution, Denis O. Lamoureux. I have read other resources by him on this blog who put together an EXCELLENT e-book on the subject of evolution and original sin, but have not yet read the book. The introduction page [Read More…]