Recommended Resources: "Spiritual Warfare" Series by Greg Boyd

Recommended Resources: "Spiritual Warfare" Series by Greg Boyd August 1, 2009

I want to recommend an amazing resource. It is a short sermon series taught by Greg Boyd, Pastor at Woodland Hills Church and author of several books. The sermons are titled, “Spiritual Warfare.” The first talk rocked my world: “a War-torn Creation.” Greg gave me some ‘handles’ to further reflect upon some things I have been wrestling with for the past couple of years. He also raised more questions!!! (I like and hate this!). If you get a chance to listen to the talks, I would love to hear your thoughts… come back and comment if you can!

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  • Than you for the recommendation. Spiritual Warfar is a tough subject to find really good books on.

  • Charles Mark

    I think the series on spiritual warfare was very good. Greg Boyd opened up some idea’s I hadn’t ever thought about before. There was a few times during his talks that I started thinking to myself, “yaa that does make alot of sense.” So I really enjoyed what he had to say. The Q&A sections were really interesting to me because they consisted of real christians asking real christian questions that were common to what we sometimes wonder about. It helped me with some theories I often think about. I just ordered a few of his books on spiritual warfare so we’ll see if those are as good as his talks. So thanks for posting that link Kurt, and if anyone hasn’t listened to the sermons yet definitely make time to do so.

  • Sweet man! My guess is that the first message was probably lots of new ideas (in regards to creation and possibly the age of the earth). I am glad to hear that you were challenged in a significant way. The books you ordered may be a bit heavy, but they should be good resources. He has several books that are good and tons of great teachings (you might want to join the Woodland Hills podcast through iTunes!). I would also encourage you to read… “Confronting Powerless Christianity” by Charles Kraft. Another introduction to a “big picture” understanding of Spiritual Warfare is my article Pursuing and Undoing the Powers (

    • Charles Mark

      Hey just read your article, good stuff bud. I think the need for the average believer to really try to understand Ephesians 6:10-20 is great. Most Christians do not consider the real weight of the spiritual battle that is going on in their lives. So good on you for writing about it. I’ll try to check out that Kraft book too. Thanks for all the insight.

  • Thanks for the pointers, Kurt. I’ll download those and listen when I get a chance (God knows when that’ll be). I’ve toyed a bit with the idea that a warfare world view may have interesting ramifications for the seeming lack of answers to our prayers, etc. Seeing the suffering that many endure as (at least in part) the casualties of a war we know God is going to win, but not without blood, is an interesting thought-exercise. It’s possible to go overboard and find a demon under every couch, and I don’t think that’s helpful; nevertheless, realizing there’s a real battle going on is (I’m beginning to suspect) more key than we Westerners may acknowledge…

    • Dan… Great to hear from you! I have been absent mostly in the ‘web-world’ over the last month or so (ministry and life have been busy this month).

      I think that Greg B would share some of your thoughts about evil in the world. The Q and A adresses some of those questions i think. There is indeed a battle going on, and therefore the church needs to be united on the ‘spiritual’ (having physical nonviolent ramifications!) battlefield, playing offense instead of defense. Thanks for your thoughts my friend and I hope that all is well!