Missional Church: in a 'nutshell!' 2min video!

Here is a great teaching tool and introduction to the missional church. It was produced by an excellent disicpleship resource ministry called Thrive (different that the Bayside Church ministry). Tell me your thoughts!

YouTube Preview Image
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  • Tucker

    I have seen this before. I thought it was a great, very concise explanation of the missional church model. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Rick B

    I like this clear simple explanation. Thanks for posting.

  • http://kevinwalkerblog.com Kevin Walker

    Very, very good. I have to admit, as a pastor, I still struggle with moving from the attractional church model to truly being a missional church. People equate your relationship with God with how many church services you attend, and totally don’t get the concept of taking the message out.

    Changing this is a difficult road to travel, but it’s the right road.

    • Kurt Willems

      I agree Kevin. The transition is extremely difficult. We have had much pain and frustration along the way. We don’t have it figured out yet, but are trusting God in the process. Thanks for you thoughts!