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Amazing Video on Human Empathy as First Impulse (Science)

This is an interesting video. Not sure I agree with every nuance, but wow… some useful perspective. Not sure that I consider religion a “fiction” but that is beyond the point. Any thoughts?… Also, check out my friend, Jonathan Brink’s blog where he explores this in a bit more detail! [Read more…]

When Health Care Reform has a Face and a Name

Isaiah the prophet sees God’s ultimate dream for health care when the new creation is completed: “No more shall there be…an infant that lives but a few days, or an old person who does not live out a lifetime (Isaiah 65:20).”  Over the past year, our nation has been polarized over the issue of health [Read More…]

Liberating Women For Ministry (Summary Article @ Throw Mountains)

Hey friends!  I wanted to point your attention to an article I wrote for Throw Mountains, blog.  It is on the subject of women in ministry and is a condensed version of my series, “Liberating Women for Ministry.”  Also, you should know that this is a great blog to frequent as many gifted writers are [Read More…]

Biggness, Smallness, and the Image of God – Reflections on God as Creator, part 3

Now, lets think about the life of Jesus.  How does he have to say about us in our smallness?  There is one episode in the Gospel of Luke that gives us something to ponder about our role as image-bearers.  Luke 20.20 starts the story: 20 Keeping a close watch on him, they sent spies, who [Read More…]