Watch This… I Laughed So Hard I Cried!!!!! (Antoine Dodson, Web Sensation)

I want to introduce you to internet sensation Antoine Dodson.  His videos will make your heart smile!  Now, the reason behind this original news story is sad, but what came out of it is quite possibly the most hilarious thing you will see all month.  Take five minutes or so and watch the three following videos in order.  You wont be disappointed!!!!

Here is what will make you laugh hysterically! Watch below!

Here is the aftermath of all the fame…

Hope you enjoyed this!


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  • Everybody’s fifteen minutes of fame is nearly a reality. What’s amazing (or maybe sad) is what brings about the fame. But what’s really shocking is that this guy has a T-Shirt line and a ring tone? Really? Why? (FYI, you’re shirt will be out of “style” before UPS delivers it to your home.)

  • first – it’s a bummer when the news records an interview with you when you are all hopped up on sister-protecting adrenaline.

    second – autotune the news is way too rad to exist in reality. nonetheless, it exists.

    third – i pray that he can turn his 15 minutes of fame into a safer neighborhood, either by moving or (even better) drawing attention to his neighborhood’s needs

  • Amy Stone

    Perhaps the most disturbing piece of this whole series comes at the end of the third video. The reporter says, “Some have contacted our newsroom saying that interviews with people like Antoine reflects poorly on the community…” Instead of addressing the “people like Antoine” statement, she implies her agreement (that he is the type of person that embarrasses the community) saying, “Censoring people like Antoine is far worse.” How would it feel to be on the receiving end of that commentary? “Sure, you’re a lowlife, but you do have a right to speak.”

    Ironically, the reporter defends Antoine’s right to be uncensored immediately after showing tape that has bleeped out his profanity. Too funny.

    • Amy… great thoughts! If you want more on the aftermath, check out the link attached to his name in this post…

      • Amy Stone

        After reading some related pieces from African American voices (a different, but ultimately pertinent, perspective from my own) I was able to put that commentary into context. I have so much to learn.