Liberating Women For Ministry (Summary Article @ Throw Mountains)

Hey friends!  I wanted to point your attention to an article I wrote for Throw Mountains, blog.  It is on the subject of women in ministry and is a condensed version of my series, “Liberating Women for Ministry.”  Also, you should know that this is a great blog to frequent as many gifted writers are part of contributing to it!

Finally, If you are following links from Throw Mountains, let me simply say hello, and welcome to our blog community!

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  • Jennifer Harris Dault

    Thanks for writing this. Enrolling in seminary and pursuing life in ministry would have been so much easier if I’d heard voices like yours when I was growing up. While the voices of my female ministry friends have been so meaningful, it is even more empowering for young women (and older women!) when sisters AND brothers join together to speak encouraging words.

    • Kurt Willems

      Jennifer! I am thankful for women like you who are choosing to live in their giftedness and calling! I care about liberating my sisters for ministry because I ultimately care about liberating the bible from fundamentalism… Do not let anyone hold you back from who God has created you to be!!!!!!!!

      • Jennifer Harris Dault

        Thanks, Kurt. I won’t — don’t you, either!