11:11 for 2011 Book Giveaway Contest Results!

I want to thank all of you who participated in this contest.  It really helped me to continue to get the word out about this blog and the conversations I love being a part of on Facebook!  What a blessing it is to be a facilitator of Christ-centered dialogue!  Also, I believe that God is going to work in your life through whatever book you get…

*** If you are listed as a winner, I will be sending you a personal email to get your mailing address.  Please respond by the end of the week, so I can get this all taken care of.


Jason Hess
Terri-Anne Williams
Jason Kinzel
Josh Wray
Ryan VanderHelm
stephanie Tolle
martha mouner
Jo Stollings
"Thanks for that. A lot of information and references there."

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  • http://www.ecksermonator.com/ Jason Hess


    FYI – I replied back to the email.

  • martha mouner

    thnx Kurt :)