What Makes N.T. Wright Angry?

Would love your thoughts on this video from the Work of the People:

What makes you angry? If you could rant on the frustrations you have, what would they be???

"Thanks for that. A lot of information and references there."

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  • http://twitter.com/jmkennedy John Kennedy

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, good stuff.   I completely resonate with his first reaction of what made him angry.     I really wish I could be friends with N.T Wright.   I met him once but he wouldn’t remember me.   We have to figure out how to be friends with him Kurt!  :)

    • http://thepangeablog.com Kurt Willems

      Well, we could always study at St Andrews under him I suppose :-)

      • http://nailtothedoor.blogspot.com Dan Martin

        Yeah, in our dreams…Ben and I used to talk about going to Auckland Castle & studying with him…a true geek’s fantasy I guess…

  • Ernie Marton

    Loved it.  It totally frames for me the groanings (and frustrations) within me as I look at western christianity’s response to the current events etc.  I get angry at non thinking, people just accepting what is dished to them from pulpits, bible studiess, etc.  A knowledge based religion without life change.  As Dallas Willard says, we need less information and more transformation.  God, let it be true in me. To name one thing that gets me. 

  • http://nailtothedoor.blogspot.com Dan Martin

    Love it.  I get angry when I see Christians misrepresenting God as just a bigger and stronger version of the very self-righteous pricks they are.