Getting Into Heaven BEFORE You Die (Dallas Willard)

Dallas Willard is a stud.  Every time I have heard him speak, I want to hear more.  His vision for the kingdom of God and for the transformation of the people of God is awe inspiring.

In the following video, Dallas is interviewed by John Ortberg.  They discuss what Dallas believes to be the biggest problem in the church today: the central message is wrong!  I couldn’t agree more.  The message of “repent and eventually someday you know that when you die you will go to a non-physical place of bliss called heaven” is so far removed from the Gospels, yet it is central in our evangelical communities.  Dallas critiques this view and says that the gospel isn’t about ‘getting into heaven after you die’ but rather its about “getting into heaven before you die!”  That is, well, beautiful.

Take a few minutes and watch this brief interview clip from Catalyst West Coast this last year.  What are your thoughts about the central message of the church?  Do you agree with Dallas Willard?  If so, what are the ramifications for the kind of shift he advocates?


"Very interesting and makes total sense, thanks for writing it!"

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting Kurt! I’ll definitely listen to this a few more times. Love Willard!

  • I was at that session, Dude poured out so much wisdom made my head hurt.  Dallas Willard Rocks.  “Heaven on earth” is a concept I am really trying to intentional invest my children.  Bring it!!!

  • Lance Linderman

    this reminds me of Brian Mclarens video…

  • I always feel challenged & encouraged by Willard in so many ways. Thanks for posting this clip. Made me think that if we’re going to live as a missional people, we need to understand what the mission is. And continually reflect on and practice it.

  • Anonymous

    Amen and amen – if grace is not the motivating power in your life, you will be having trouble living the life you are called to live.   Remember John 10:10:  “I came that they might have life….”  Taking hold of this new life, His life in you – see Galations 2:20, your earlier thoughts of what “abundance” means will fade away, not unlife the wood, hay and stubble, referred to in other passages.

  • “Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.” Colossians 3:2.   

  • John

    Read Willard The Divine Conspiracy – chpt 3.  What Jesus Knew:  Our God Bathed World.

  • Willard WOCKS!

  • Wow. That’s some deep stuff. I’m gonna have to listen to that at least 3 or 4 more times before I really understand what he’s saying.