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N.T. Wright on His (Future) Deathbed… Thoughts for His Children on Jesus

  Beautifully said! Thoughts? [Read more…]

You Might Be an Evangelical Reject If… (Rejects – Readers’ Edition)

Over the past two weeks this post has gotten so much attention that I had to share with you some of my favorite responses. Here is what you said to answer this sentence: You might be an Evangelical reject if… …if you hear the word “Patriotism” and you think “idolatry.” (Dan Martin) …you listen to [Read More…]

I’m Quitting Facebook to Join Faithbook Because My WWJD Bracelet Told Me To

The end of the age has come.  No, not the rapture, but the end of Facebook.  There I said it… finished.  As of today, I am shutting down all Facebook communication. “Why?” you ask.  I’ll gladly answer. I’m convinced that the God revealed in Jesus desires that Christians avoid becoming convoluted by the world.  We [Read More…]

Exploding a "Love-mine" Amidst Oppression In Burma (Rachel Ryon)

  As I sat in the bed of the mud-splattered truck driven by a Burmese man who called himself “James Bond,” I made the last part of the journey to a refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border with a very palpable nervous anticipation. This was a last-minute, only semi-planned trip – and I quickly realized [Read More…]